The Perfect Modern House Design- A Brief History Of Modernism

Antra Arora
Feb 14, 2020   •  0 views

The modern house design was initially introduced as a way to rebel against the Gothic style of house design. Even after a century, this style has maintained its popularity and is still the primary style considered while designing a house. Modern style of house design advocates simplicity and subtle aesthetic.

Yet modern architecture is failing. What was supposed to be simple and not garish has become ugly and badly designed. Post modern architecture was derived from modern style and it was supposed to maintain the simplicity of modern style yet make it beautiful. However, post modern house designers strive to achieve the rich architecture of the Gothic and Victorian era with modern aesthetic resulting in a garish or in simple words ugly.

Modern architecture simply looked towards the utility of a building whereas post modern tried to represent the state of mind. This resulted in the ugly, urban concrete jungles spread all over the world.

So here are the few steps that can be used to convert the bleak and cold modern style into an attractive and soulful aesthetic.

1. Less is more

Minimalism is the first and foremost step. Garish and over the top designs should be absolutely avoided in order to maintain the concept of modern style of Josie design.

2. Go natural

Nature is an inspiration for modern style. Soft, muted colours found in nature complement the modern architecture. Wooden shades, beiges and creams are the most preferred theme colours for houses. Modernism is about the authenticity of an object but it does backfire, as is evident from exposed brick wall homes crumbling to dust.

3. Clean design

Clean design doesn’t mean bland and straightforward décor. What it implies is that the design should be simply designed through straight lines and zero decoration. Everything places has a purpose but in such a manner that it’s not extremely obvious and these objects lend to the minimal required décor.

4. Eco-friendly

The best part about this style of architecture is that it supports the use of eco-friendly materials. Post modern architecture left this earth to deal with global warming. By using solar panel, and renewable forms of energy we can both support our planet while maintaining the aesthetic of modern house design.