An All-Girls Goa-Trip On Shoestring Budget

Shreya Gawas
Mar 15, 2019   •  8 views

There is no way in hell if you’re in your late teens or in your 20s and haven’t dreamt of a Goa trip with your squad. My school girl-gang comprised of me and 2 of my close friends. We were hanging out post our respective college hours one fine day and vaguely started planning the trip which none of us ever thought to be A HUGE SUCCESS!!!

So here’s how three broke girls organized a TRIPPY [you know what I mean ;)] Ultimate GOA Vacation (with an advice for each element).

-Try and Plan Ahead

I know the most fun outings are the unplanned ones but when you’re on a budget, it is necessary to sketch out the trip before-hand. Sit with the whole gang, decide on the number of days the trip should be of, according to everyone’s work or college schedule. An ideal Goa trip is 5-6days but varies according to interests. A word of advice- Try avoiding a trip on the weekends as the prices are high and there are chances of places being crammed.

- Cheap Travel

A big mistake people make is when they end up spending half their budget on fancy traveling. If you’re traveling, when on ‘Eco-Round’, you can do yourself a favor and cut-price by commuting by govt. trains or buses instead of renting a car or flying to the destination. Apart from saving some cash, believe me, the journey becomes real fun! Also, take my advice and pack the UNO-deck that’s been sitting on your shelf for God knows how long!

- Basic accommodation

Another common blunder which travelers commit is that they shell out on extravagant stay. Let’s be real if you’re going to be out most of the time, why rent a penthouse with a pool and wind-up paying more than required. Girls, your accommodation need not be 5star, all you need to check before signing in is - the hostel/hotel should be at an accessible and safe location; the washrooms are clean and has good water and electricity supply and has mattresses for you to lay down when you’re hammered! Always book a week before you reach, the cheapest ones start from ₹300/day. Look for OYO rooms, hostels on Goibibo, & I mean seriously, imagine how much of beer you could buy with all the money you saved! Another advice- avoid staying in Panjim area since it is far from all the ‘must visit’ spots.

- Daily commute

The cheapest way to travel within the city is either by the local city bus or by renting a two-wheeler which charges ₹400/day if you bargain well. If your clan comprises of more than 3 people, go for a car. PS- The petrol there is cheaper than in most big cities.

- PARTY!!!!!!!!!

There are two ways of partying- Go buy some dirt cheap alcohol from the local beer shop, get some ‘chakna’ to your room, play some Bollywood-music and dance your ass off!

Another way of doing it is a little fancier. Go to Baga beach, there are shacks and Pubs with music, dance floor, and SICK crowd! Word of advice lassies- Tito’s Lane has many ladies night that includes free entry & free alcohol ALL NIGHT LONG! So get hammered and go wild!


Some warnings and tips to stay safe- Never follow stranger vehicles for directions, keep a pepper spray with you, always; keep some extra cash and your ID somewhere hidden with you, maybe in your phone case or in a secret inner pocket of your clothing; DO accompany each other everywhere, unless you’re busy doing *other things* and lastly, keep updating someone at your home city of your whereabouts.