Health has different meanings for different people. For some, a healthy life may mean having a diet plan, heavy weight lifting and for others, it may mean doing yoga every morning, following a vegan diet and doing meditation. Each and every person is different emotionally, physically, biologically and mentally, the circumstances, environment and needs and wants of different individuals, vary.

Following healthy habits can be adopted to stay healthy and happy

  • Starting a morning right makes a day productive, balanced and happy. A nutritious breakfast before starting a day should be eaten. It helps to improve cognitive ability, increases attention span and enhances memory. A healthy mind keeps life healthy.

  • People should do exercises which they like and which are right for them, so they can be consistent and continue it on a regular basis. Exercises strengthen the muscles and bones and helps to control weight.Regular exercises help to maintain mood and sleep.

  • Everyone has to maintain a balance between work, health, friendships, and other responsibilities. So, people usually sacrifice a part of their sleep which affects their overall health and well-being. Without adequate sleep, happiness levels can also decrease, because body does not get enough time to recharge. So, a body needs proper sleep of at least 7-9 hours of sleep depending on the needs of the body.

  • Reading helps to connect and learn from characters which gives a better understanding about people. It takes people to alternate world.

  • Breaks are necessary as it keeps people motivated and energized. 15 minutes after a couple of hours increases focus and allows to connect more with the work and retain information more quickly.

  • Everybody should keep their body hydrated as harmful toxins are removed from the body by drinking water, it also helps to transport nutrients to the body.

  • Nurture relationships so as to lead a healthy and a happy life. Connecting with others is also very essential.

  • Going outdoors is always known for improving health and happiness as it connects a person with the outside world.

  • Always try to make time for what you love, be it exercising, cooking, playing, reading or any other thing which makes you feel relaxed and brings joy to life.

  • People should stop stressing about small things and try to find humour in their daily life. Everyone should learn to laugh at themselves. It makes a big difference.

  • Try to enjoy life, take a break, live the moment. Prioritize health and remain happy, it changes the way a person sees the world.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

-Jim Ryun



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Thank You... sure