Every body type is beautiful no matter what but still obesity is not something you can cop-up with so as we all know it is self treatable and these few methods will help you do that easily one can easily shed some weight with these.

As soon you get up grab yourself a glass of water that too on room temperature.

After drinking water what you should do is jumping jacks as this exercise is the best way to increase your metabolism and your body will feel energetic and 15 repetitions and 3 sets of this.

If you add this into your schedule you body will feel more energetic and active and in no time you will start seeing the results without dieting etc doing this you will loose one kg per week and if you feel more stronger while doing these jumping jacks you can increase the number of them.

One major tip to shed some weight is apple you must have heard apple a day keeps the doctor away and its subsitute can be papaya as some people have allergy so just for them and those who will eat papaya you should take it in night rather than morning it will help you reducing your weight much more faster.