Different people have different dreams and many of them are able to fulfill them also.

I think everyone must have a dream, as they are driving force in the life of many of us.

Many of you would like to dream..., rather I should say daydream and it's a kind of your hobby also.

My favourite thing for all time, is to daydream. For me it is something very special, where I make up my own stories about the future: about the people I'll meet, the places I'll go to and the things I'll do. Eventually, all these things are the one included in my dream. However, sometimes I need to remind myself to get my head out of the clouds and to come back in the present realistic world... to live my dream. Real life is such a chore, that is when you don't have a dream, Don't you think so?

Dreaming is all about wishing something that you want in your life, something which completes you, satisfy you... totally a bliss. Sometimes some dreams start as a tiny seed at the back of your mind, of which you're totally unaware. Then with enough thoughts nourishing them, they blossom into, you can say... fully grown flowers.

A dream is something that gets you out of your bed every day even if it is someone's else dream. But you're out there with a skip in your heart, trying to fulfill it someday. It drives you forward, letting you live your life to the fullest. it as what you cherish and work towards fulfilling it.

Isn't there is something blissfull and special in it's own way about someone who achieves their dream? They wished for something with all thier heart, worked with all thier might faced setbacks and downfalls but never once did they back down, and finally achieved it.

The world might tell you that it is silly to dream, and not to waste your time dreaming all the time. No matter how irrational, your dream will solely belong to you, and no one will ever be able to take it away from you unless you give up on it.

So readers, the important question that remains is: Do you have a dream? And, if not then have one... beacuse If you can think and dream about it, you can make it possible also.

Dream... Dream... Dream... Dreams transform into thoughts and Thoughts result in action.