I hope you have already read my blog post "Mind: A multi-dimensional teleporter". In case you haven't, I would advise you to visit that once.

So as I have discussed earlier how our human brain can actually help us connect to far away galaxies with a very short span of time. Let me tell you an amazing story.

While looking at the dim sky full of stars and all those wonderful celestial objects, sometimes I feel like someone out there is calling me. Trying to say something to me and we are far away to actually talk in person.

At the early age of ten, kids have different kinds of fantasies. Some want to be like those comic book superheroes, some want to fly in the sky, some want to go for a big adventure and what not. But I had a completely different kind of fantasy. I wanted a girlfriend. Now, most of you may be thinking it's quite a normal thing, but no. Actually not just a normal girlfriend, I dreamt of having an alien girlfriend. Sounds weird right? Anyways it was actually super cool for me.

The time passes and we grow out of our old absurd fantasies, but there was something which happened to me which just pushed me back to the fantasy I was carrying with me since I was 10. During my early thirteen when I entered my teenage for the first time, I saw this amazing dream where I found a beautiful girl holding my hands and inviting me to dance with her. I just looked into her eyes and believe me she was the prettiest human being I would have ever seen in my life. Before I could react to the situation, someone from the back screamed Shivaaaaaaaaaaam!!!

And that's it, the most beautiful moment of my life came to an end, it was my cousin who was waking me up to join him with breakfast. By the time I realized it was all just a dream, I can't believe what just happened. I prayed to god if that's how dreams are I want to spend the rest of my life sleeping.

Now comes the interesting part, I tried to sleep back assuming I could resume my wonderful dream but to my disappointment no such thing happened.

I woke up and then tried to find that girl all around me. I had no clue what was her name. To my bad luck, I can't even remember her face. Still, As a Taurus, my stubborn soul pulled me to look for her. I randomly searched beautiful girl on Facebook and google in the hope to find her. Neither did I knew her name nor her face, but I had a gut feeling the day I see her I will definitely be able to identify her. Driven by this strong hope, I kept searching for her all around and failed miserably.

Motivated by a speech of my maths teacher in my class who once said

"Never take any question as unsolvable. If there's a problem then whoever has created it will have its solution in his mind as well. Without a solution, no problem can automatically be created."

I started examining and thinking that if I saw that dream, then something must have put it into my head. Maybe I would have seen that girl already somewhere in my life unconsciously. Anything is possible, but one thing for sure is that if I had it in my mind, it must be coming from somewhere. And then I started looking for what is the cause of human dreams.

Surfing through many articles, this was for the first time in life when my interest shifted from all the other things to research, science and technology. Though I tried hard to my conclusion I found that there's no proven cause for it and things kept moving apart and twisting for me.

Since the writeup seems to be too long, I'll make a second part of it explaining what happened next you can find it here.



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Nicely written! :)