Mind: A Multi Dimensional Teleporter

Shivam Sahil
May 30, 2019   •  40 views

Have you ever thought about how our brain works? How does it decode the things which come in the form of electrical impulse into our head? What causes humans to dream? What is behind the phenomenon called Deva Ju?

The human brain is perhaps the smartest creation of the creator. The way we humans have evolved with time is very impressive and the way it works is still a question even science hasn't found a perfect answer about. What actually causes human emotions? There are so many questions which need to be answered. But somehow I feel like the human brains are not just like any other naturally created organ but a lot more than that.

It's a high tech multi-dimensional teleporter portal device which connects us irrespective of the distances among us. It's a very special kind of technology which has a lot of hidden secrets and potentials yet to be discovered.

Human brain storage can actually store enough information which can take up every single book ever written. The mathematics for this is quite simple. About 100 billion neurons are part of a human brain where each neuron can make about 1000 synapses. Synapses are the untied links which get tied when we memorize anything. These synapses largely do the job of data storage. Multiplying the above synapses with the number of neurons we conclude that 100 trillion data points are there which can offer storage up to 100 terabytes!

We dream about something or we see Deva Jus. According to researches, if something is coming into our mind or any kind of vision or dream, it must have to be fed through somewhere. Some research suggests that this is done by our unconscious mind which notices it's nearby surroundings and things are framed which we see as visions, dreams or Deva Jus.

But what I feel is that our mind is much more than a subconscious thinking device, it's very well possible that two or more minds billions of light years away from each other are connected other through its multi-dimensional network. Things which we see maybe just a message and the mind may be a communication peripheral which encrypts the data teleports it and then the other end decrypts it. Our mind has been programmed with so many randomized inputs and as we evolved our outputs held us to some conclusions.

For example, take clothing. Early humans didn't use to wear clothing, until one time someone tried to shed their private organs with leaves. This was the input given to the mind and then based on the output received by surrounding or in other words the reaction of the other humans around generated the result.

This can be compared to a neural network which is used in today's artificial intelligence. We get reward points for everything we do.For the things which we consider as good, we get positive reward points and the one which we consider as bad we get negative reward points. And this all processing takes place into our heads, the goal is always to generate more and more positive reward points. And so do we improve, from early times we have done so many experiments and started driving conclusions about the same. For example, what should we eat, what should be wear, what we be aware of etc. With time, our programs have constantly been modified to be the kind of person we are today. We keep learning and modifying things in our head to perform selections.

This is the reason why nobody is perfect and we always do mistakes. If things would have been perfect for us then perhaps programming of mind wouldn't have been a good justification, but due to the fact we learn from experiences and keep moving is similar to a program which keeps modifying its input based on the output it receives and based on the output it expects.

In brief, I would like to conclude our mind has so much more potential than what we think it has. The tool is strong enough to do so much and disclose all the hidden mysteries of this Universe.

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