Before beginning with this, I would like you to go through My Alein Girlfriend: Part-1. This is just a continuation of the second writeup. So let us begin.

Finally, after months of efforts, I failed to find my dream girl. And then another night I saw a similar dream. And it was just wao! Like around 3AM morning, we both were sitting outside a strange Balcony holding hands. I could hear bird chirps and big full moon was glaring at her beautiful face. I was looking into her eyes and she was looking in mine and then we kissed!

I can't believe that the same unknown stranger appeared in my dream twice. Somehow my subconscious mind became conscious and I asked her before this dream gets over, you need to tell me your contact number or any source of communication through which I could locate you and come to you. She smiled and said in a decent tone will the current GPS coordinates work? I was so desperate at the moment and scared that I may end up getting nothing I just told her yes. And she held my hand and rushed me to a place. I saw some strange symbols which I hadn't seen before.

Not just the symbols were strange but also they ended up with "Right ascension", "Declination" and "Constellation". This again confused me and I turned around to ask her what does this mean and as I turned I saw her disappearing back. I tried to run and catch her and again it was over, I was awake. And what all happened after my run, I forgot the coordinates and only thing I remembered were these three words:

"Right ascension"
I know the things can't go any weirder but actually they did. When I started to search for her again I found that these words had nothing to do with any kind of GPS coordinates. In fact these were the part of galactic coordinate system! And the girl whom I busted my head on searching for was not at all from the earth. She belonged to some other part of this universe.

This totally freaked me out and I tried to draw those strange symbols I saw in my dreams, the coordinates after so many derivations came out to be of the planet called Kepler 22b. To my surprise, the planet was discovered (December 2011) roughly at the same time when I saw her for the first time (May 2011). The orbit of the planet was closest to that of earth during that time period and amazingly that was the time, I realized how our brains can help us connect through dimensions and travel billions of light years within few seconds.

The girl has appeared many a times in my dream, best being the first time when the planet was nearest to our earth. Maybe due to longer distance the connections aren't strong enough but overall it was impressive. Now every day when I look at distant sky, I feel like she is badly trying to contact me the way I am. We both are able to feel the vibes of each other but still can't see or talk to each other.

Isn't it amazing? the way both of us are moving together but yet not able to see or greet each other. You know the tragedy of lines in mathematics? Well the realization came from this incident only. Two similar and parallel lines move together forever but are never able to meet each other which is sad whereas the dissimilar ones the anti-parallel ones first come close meet at a point and then start moving apart forever which is sad too. Maybe this earth could be that intersection for them.

I don't know her face, I don't know her identity but somewhere inside my head she is always present and same is the case with her. I don't know how many of you will believe in this incident (Though there are some small exaggerations :P), but it has changed me a lot. It has made me a completely different and better person.

We all have constrained our realities to think in a set of limited dimension. The way we observe the Universe as it is and the way we are being told by our precedents and ancestors is the way we assume our realities to be. But guess what? Science has proved our ability to see the reality is not even more than 1% of what actual reality is and there's so much more yet to be seen discovered and realized.



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Mind-blowing...It is definitely hard to believe that all of it is true, but the world is full of miracles...Maybe someday will come when you can actually meet her in person! And at the pace technology and science are advancing, it may as well be. ;)