So today was a PTM.
The PTM my younger brother hates.
PTM is a word every child is scared of. Its the judgement day. Even the concept of hell is less scarier than a PTM.

Ever since my childhood I hated PTMs. I hated PTMs as child because they were scary. I was afraid of getting scolded by my parents.

10 years later PTMs are still scary. Now I am scared of getting scolded by the teacher.

And after 10 years I stepped into the shoes of a guardian. I am now in-charge of attenting my brother's PTMS. I left my warm blanket to go to a place where two generations were scolded simultaneously for what they didn't do. Laziness should not be punished. Was it ever a sin?

The school is creaking and loads of parents are ready to meet teachers. I can hardly believe how some people's lives revolve around their child. Calling them Raja Beta. Stuffing their faces with laddoos. I wonder how will these children ever develop personality or sense of decision making because clearly mamma has never let her Raja beta ever make a decision and has been spoon feeding him all the notes.

I manage to meet the first teacher, then the second, then the third. I personally can't handle mood swings of head of family (working mom ofcourse). I don't know how my brother handles so many. I hear their complains. And no, I don't gossip about my ward.

After hearing woes. I dissolve all secrets in my soul and go home. Can PTMS please happen on Skype?