Rcsc Days Of Russia In India 2019

Shruti Verma
Feb 10, 2019   •  13 views

On sixth February a notable event took place at RCSC (Russian cultural body in new Delhi). This was a special day for students as well as members of RSCS which is situated at Vakil Lane in Delhi. It is a grand place which Russian culture is prospered and encouraged. The grandeur of the place is overwhelming. Flora there is well maintained and cleanliness is done well.

On this Friday the cultural body held event for various university students in its centre where the university students were encouraged to take part in various activities. The event first started with a poetry recitation competition which was held in the buildings library. On the other hand the students who had written their articles or made emblems all lower words were encouraged to submit them in the office. After this the main program started.

Programme started with an Olympiad conducted on Russian culture which was held in English language. Around 5 to 6 universities participated in this olympiad. After this there was a very song entertaining competition. Many participants came and sang. This was followed by a Russian quiz in which five universities participated. Soon dancers shook the stage with traditional Russian dance.

This was followed by a costume competition and finally traditional Russian luch where pancakes and cakes were served. In the end prize distribution took place. Jawaharlal Nehru University won most prizes. The event was summed up with a screening.