Learn an instrument

You may have always had a desire to play the piano or guitar, learn the flute, or even play the drums. Take this time of your vacation to do number of the things that you enjoy the most. You can devote good time in your vacations for learning an instrument. It gives mental stability as well additionally helps to build confidence.

Take a photography class

It can be a great way to have fun. You will get the chance to see the different faces of your town.

Take an art class

Learning new things can show you your creative side. It can also release your stress, gives stability.
Try your hand at creative writing- You can try to write blogs on different topics, poems, a short story, or even music. It will help in refreshing your mind. It can explore also your creative side.

Read books

It can be science fiction, general fiction, trashy romance, mystery, historical fiction—but it doesn't matter. Grab the latest release and let your brain take a break. Borrow books from the library, or use online resources. Do take a membership at your local library. Spend your time in the library, reading books that you like and are interested in. You can read novels, magazines, encyclopedias, non-fiction books, etc. Pick what you like and read on. Enjoy reading.

Do exercise

Doing exercise is the best thing. To make you fit, exercise is the excellent option. So, you can start it from vacation. So, do exercise and stay healthy.


A great time to volunteer is nothing but the holidays. There are so many options, so many NGOs where you can volunteer. Volunteering is the best way to give back to the society. And it is also a good way to spend some of your vacation. In this developing country, volunteering will give you some great experience.

Go camping

Camping is the challenge during the school year due to both your study and the weather. So, you can utilize your vacation for the great outdoors. It is a great way to enjoy vacations with your friends.

Learn to cook

Cooking is a delicious activity to try. You can take some classes, ask your family members, can borrow a book, or simply search for the easy recipes. During school days, you probably don't have much time to learn how to cook; you just need food, fast.

Take an online class

You can take some online classes during your vacations. It will save your cash. You will be benefited by it. And also it will help you in your future.

Listen to your favorite songs

Music will let you calm down and will make you feel happy. Make a vacation playlist of all of your favorites to listen to while you exercise, go to the beach, or just relax at home.