How Technology Has Made The Younger Generation

Sheetal Raskar
Jun 01, 2019   •  86 views

Everyone knows that technology plays an important role in our society. Now, it is not possible for anybody to spend a day without hearing something about technology on the news in some form. Since teenagers are mostly involved with using the technology; the stories, or the news focus on the effect that it has on teenagers. But now, children are also using technology just as much as teenagers and adults do. Practically, no one knows life without technology. It does have both positive and negative effect.

It is like a double-edged sword- growing up in an age of technology. With having a plenty of benefits, it has several disadvantages. But disadvantages of technology are much stronger than the advantages is the saying of some people. Actually, it depends on the one who uses it.

The use of technology from a very young age helps us in many ways- it helps in schools, due to the fact that it helps students want to learn, additionally makes it attainable for every student to learn at their own pace. Also, it allows learning to become more influencing than before. Kids do have the world readily available in their palm- if they want to know something they can search or Google it up on the Internet and in just a few seconds have an answer.

Growing up with technology continuously makes a greater chance of addicted towards it, and become overly used to relying on it for everything. Along with the other effects it can have a serious impact on their social skills. If kids and pre-teens communicate through social media from a young age, they will get to know only about that. And as they will grow up, it will not possible for them to interact with others face to face as they were only behind the screen of a device.

Kids usually like to follow what they see. If kids see their parents or older siblings constantly on their phone or laptop, they will do the same. Most of the kids prefer to stay inside and watch television or play video games than to go outside for playing. If this will continue, kids will get addicted towards phone or laptop, towards the internet. This will led kids to be technology obsessed in the few years.

So, the fundamental thing is that growing up in a world which is very much influenced by technology do have both good as well as bad effects.There is nothing wrong with the use of technology, as long as it is balanced with doing activities that kids should be doing, like going outside and playing, or reading a book. There is no other way rather than technology, as it is the need of today. But society should learn how to use it in a way that is more beneficial than it is harmful.