Friends Are Here And There, But True Friends Are Rear

Shabana Parveen
Mar 27, 2019   •  19 views

A friend is need in a friend indeed

Every one goes to the phase of friendship. Some made good friend andsome fucked up by them.
Some are polite and egoless friend but many of them are opposite of this.

Every friendship end because of 3reasons
1. Lack of understanding eachs point of view
Most of the time no one is right and no one is wrong. Every one is right at there own level. Each of them have their own reasons. Due to communication gap the friendship breaks

2. Third person entry
Most of the time friendship ends because of third person. The third one is talebearer. Sometimes the new person enters and he/she attracts every one and olders friend are no more gets colser to you.

3. Ego
Ego and attitude are to different things. A person should have the attitude but shouldn't have the ego. Ego three letters words ruin everything.

Steps for getting back your friendship
1. Don't judge anyone by others.
2. Try to talk with your friends when you think something goes wrong between you.
3. All friendship have fights but just see each of them flaws.
4. Try solve most of the problem but when every time same mistake happens then no need to have such friendship.

Friendship is like a book
It takes few minutes to burn
But it takes years to write

Make friends, do enjoyment. If a friend is not in your bad time then what is the benefit of friendship. If a person with you every time, whole day whole night at your work place and say your good thing at your face and behind your back says different, is this called friendship?Distance doesn't matters in friendship. Fake Friend is more dangerous than enemy.

I need that type of friends those can put asmile on my face when I am sad

I need that type of friends those can understand my tears behind my fake smile

I need that type of friends those can feel the pain that I am facing

I need that type of friends those can heel my pains without any expectations

I need that type of friends those are Divine like god

I need that type of friends those don't see their schedule for me

I need that type of friendship in which death of one and life comes end of other

At last ,I don't need more friends but I want a only friend ,a real friend



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