Malta, A Serene Place With Lots Of Thrills

Shabab Anwar
Jul 21, 2019   •  13 views

There are so many beautiful and amazing places in the world and I know it's really very hard and almost impossible for you to make up your mind to choose one of them and add it to your bucket list. But, if the place is really full of surprises and thrills and lots of things to do then why would you resist yourself from visiting there. So, don't be bothered. Let's talk about Malta, one of the engaging country of Europe. The natural beauty, picturesque sceneries to even spectacular man-made attractions and modern architecture, this notable country exhibits a plethora of amazing destinations that must awestruck you by its beauty and grace. This beautiful archipelago is located just south of Sicily in the Mediterranean and got independence in 1964 after being ruled by the British.

The Azure Window in Gozo is undoubtedly the most famous spot in the country but the Maltese archipelago has beauty in every direction. Probably, filled with worth watching sights, this island even serves you a lot of delicious foods and cuisines. Lampukini Pie, Kapunata, Bragioli, Timpana and Maltese-style of Bruschetta are some of the famous foods of Malta. Being full of adventures, this country would offer you many adventurous activities like hiking, snorkelling, diving and many more. Even you can experience a great chill-out away from the bustling cities at the tranquility of Maltese beaches. The coastline, golden glistering sands and creamy blue waters of the beaches are graceful and are believed to be the most beautiful gifts of nature.

This tiny Mediterranean gem has one of the pristine structure, named, Hagar Qim, one of the most famous temples of Malta made up of limestone. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is even older than the pyramids of Egypt. Walking through the narrow grid streets of the capital city, Valletta and exploring the stunning views of the city is unforgettable and would be an incredibly great experience of your life. Valletta is listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Grab a cup of coffee at cafes and restaurants that are lined in the streets and even more to do than the culinary of the town.

Known as the 'the silent city', Mdina is really an exquisite city to behold. This fortified medieval town is pedestrian-friendly and very few vehicles are permitted to pass here. Watching sunset from Riviera bay is worth to praise. Besides these, you can even visit Ghajn Tuffieha, St. Peter's Pool, Dingli Cliffs, Xemxija, Mellieha, Blue Lagoon (the crystal clear water gives panoramic view of this place), Marsaxlokk and many more wonderful places of Malta.