We are residents of Andhra Pradesh. My family is a large family which consists of my father,mother.,me,my younger brother. And maternal uncle,aunt and cousin.My grandmother is the head of the family. From my childhood my father migrates from one place to other in search of better jobs.I see my father only 3 days in a month. Ours being an educated family,we get respect from all our relatives.

Now I am pursuing engineering at my father's workplace in Tamil nadu . But the problem is I stay in hostel as well as my father. Our problem of staying far away is yet not resolved. My happiest moment is my family's decision of shifting the whole family to Tamil nadu. But the happy times deserves a lot of miseries. I am going to miss my native.My address changes.My relatives,friends everything is going to change as memory.

But ready to face anything to see my parents together. All things packed.At the moment of starting ,my grandmother felt sick.We admitted her in a hospital. One week I need to stay in my aunt's house. In that week I ate all the junk food at nearby places. Life goes on.its the time to move on.

On june4th,2019 my family address changed. The journey from amazing Andhra to talented Tamil nadu is carried by many emotions. The day we arrived is enough fit for cleaning, arranging, fixing. I understood one thing, not only my family moved leaving all the memories in native and entering into new world,even I should leave my habits of procrastination and some more and into new world of motivation and hard work

Every moment is a fresh beginning