Gayathri was binge-watching Netflix. It was a Sunday, she had planned the day before to study for her Chemistry examination, but it felt too early for her to start. Her mother would scream to hear after each hour to study for the paper the next day, but she would put it off saying there's a lot of time left.

The clock struck 7:00. She was sweating. She realized she had only 12 more hours for the examination. She started studying, not even cared to have dinner. Not also wanted to watch her favorite TV show. She preferred to study. Did she need any motivation to study at 7? Does a son need the motivation to go and help his sick father? Does a mother need the motivation to feed her child? Will you need the motivation to ask your friend in the exam when you don't remember an answer?

The answer would be No. It's a choice — a wish.

That's what it is. You do not require any physical help to get motivation. It's a state of mind. Motivation is what you feel. It is what you tell yourself, your heart, your soul.

According to me, motivation is for the mind, not for the heart. You need to trick your heart into getting ready for doing so. Because we are all are confused between what you feel and what we think. You can be motivated by just a few words when you are in the 'mood' and won't when you are not! So why to search for motivations outside when you have it inside you. Never forget you have your inspiration, motivator, lover everything within you. Only you need to believe it. Believe, Work; You will achieve.

When you feel demotivated, do things you like to do. Things you are good at. This will give you a feeling that you are so good at something. You will feel better. You must be having an inspiration or people whom you are jealous of. Know about them. If possible talk to them. This would give you reasons to work harder. You may get some ideas too. Feed yourself every day with greeds to work harder. Greeds always work. People say teach to learn. Exactly, tell others what you know. Getting the feeling of knowing something that others don't is in itself a motivation man. Because you feel at least, you are better than others. Moreover, Appreciate, praise, inspire your self because,

You are the motivation you need.


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Thanks everybody😊
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Superb.. Motivational words
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I feel so myself me😂
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Wah!! Kya motivating baat ki h !!