#My Wrytin Experience

At this moment I’m really out of senses. I have caught a cold and I cannot focus on anything. So, I choose to write. What else this thrash could do!

I have had already slept a lot and I don’t think sleeping more is going to help me any at all. I have got a life, I cannot let it go at any cost. Okay, I should not be talking of cost right now. But, yes, I have got the 'time' and I should use it to the fullest.

So, I will be telling you about my Wryitin experience. I joined here as an intern. In the beginning, they offered me two option to choose from. The first one was to write thirty-two articles with an average of thirty views and on the other hand, lied three articles per week for a month with an average of a hundred and sixty views,

I had no clue how I would be getting even thirty views when I started to write my first article. So I opted the first option, believing that if I had to worry less about the counts, I would be able to write quality content. But, I had to struggle for both, for more than one-third of the month...

I used to write eights of those article on one single day, posted one or two of them every day, and then for the rest of the week, I had to collect views from almost anywhere. I had to post such links on facebook confession pages, groups, insta, twitter, unknown WhatsApp groups, Quora and where not. Thanks to the people they told us about this. Meanwhile all this there was a Cyclone hit at Bhubaneswar and we got out of connection with the mentor assigned. We were struck like anything. In the end, she had to quit and we were assigned another one.

Gradually, views began to come up and things were working as they should. I had my friends at the hostel who helped me in this too. And at the last I wrote some okay-standard articles, being careless about views. The Internship was over almost a week before and I was paid along with the certificate. There was an offer as well, they offered me a permanent position. Hihi! I opted for it. At least I would not have to depend on my parents for a month or two or I may get my kindle. More article are on the way don’t miss those.




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Great buddy
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Really inspirational. Can you please share how to increase the views in wrytin.
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Nice do check my articles too!!!