Three Countries - Three Songs

Hey there! You must have learned the genre for this week. Yes! Yes! Its all about the Music. This time, I bring you three songs, each from a different country. I tried my best to find five such songs that might make you take an interest in them and their culture. Here is a brief discussion of each from the trio Colombia-Korea-Nepal.

1. The nominated song from Colombia is " Sirena by Cali y El Dandee"

Okay! I understand one of you eyebrows must have gone a little twisted meanwhile reading the name of the singer. Well that a duo, they are brothers not just one. Its a very beautiful song describing the beauty of a girl whom the guy in the clip call a mermaid. The lyrics is very tempting and it may throw you to their world making you day dream yourself in the video. Haha! Plus, the girl in the MV is breath-taking. I'm no pervert or may be I am. LOL! Listen to the music and do watch the story.

2. The most lucrative from Korea is " Stay With Me- Chanyeol ft. Punch"

Well, I don't usually appreciate Korean. But, this is where I had to change my opinion and then I began accepting their culture too. This song primarily belongs to a Korean Series name Goblin. There is a short rap - soft pop - cries and duos, making is a blessing of all kind. A lovely love song and a mesmerizing story! Hehe! I would recommend the readers to read the lyrics conversion, if meaning in verse matters more than the tuning.

3. The unexpected winner from Nepal is "Budi by 5:55"

I hope that you must not have got irritated with the name of singers or bands by now. Anyways this 5:55 is none other than Chirag Singh Khadka. Well this was the first time I learned, even a time of day could be a name too. Cool! Let it be. It is loaded with very funky and cozy kind of music. Not just that, they lyrics can make you burst into laughter. He speaks of his wife and how demanding she is. He enlists her demands in a very comical. You should listen to the song and try to guess the meaning before you learn it from somewhere else. At least enjoy this one!


Thank You.



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