Lyrics Of The Song Na Ja Tu By Dhvani Bhanushali And Tanishk Bagchi

Kumari Kriti Raj
Jan 11, 2020   •  110 views

Na Ja Tu is a new single released song of Dhvani Bhanushali, collaboration with Tanishk Bagchi. The song got released on 11th January 2020 on the official YouTube channel of T-series. Dhvani Bhanushali is the lead singer of this song and Shashwat Singh is the co-lead singer of this song. The lyrics are given by Tanishk Bagchi and he has also composed the music of this song. This music video has reached 3 million views in just 9 hours of its release.


The lyrics of the song

Na ja tu dur ankhiyon se, 
Ki nai jaana, nahi jaana… 
Ke toot jaaun main, 
Dil se dur tu nahi jaana, nahi jaana… 

Kya hai ab tere baad mera,
Tu milna paya pyar tera,
Tu raha na jo yaar mera,
Haan pyar mera,
Tujhe kadar nahi ek baar meri,
Jo maine ki har baar teri,
Ro ro ke thak gayi ankhiyan meri,
Mere yaar na ja,
Ni mere yaar na ja.

Subah se shaam tak dekha tujhe,
Soun nahi, soun nahi,
Haan mere paas hi reh jao na,
Yahin kahin, yahin kahin.

Main ho gayi hoon khud se bekhabar,
Khoya maine sabar yeh tera hi asar,
Tere liye bhooli main yeh jahaan,
Na jaane tu kahan gaya oh humsafar,
Yaar na ja.

Tu rok na mujhe hai jeena tujhe, 
Mujhse juda, mujhse juda,
Tujhse nahi hoon main, 
Main to khud se hi hoon khafa, 
Main hoon khafa… 
Tutega dil na kabhi aisa kar,
Jo kiya tu agar main jaungi bikhar,
Tere bina kya mera hai yahan,
Tujhi mein hai jahaan,
Kyun hai tu bekhabar.

Ni mere yaar na ja, 
Nahi jaana… 

In the music video of Na Ja Tu, Dhvani herself is doing acting as well as dancing. This song is actually a request song to her lover who is leaving her. She is totally heartbroken and wants to get back with him. But the boy who was also her childhood friend in this video is not listening to her. We have already seen Dhvani as a heartbroken girl in Vaaste song. And just like Vaaste, this song also starts with a broken phase but ends up in a happy phase. But this phase is totally different from Vaaste song. Instead of finding a true love, like in Vaaste, she actually becomes a self-independent girl with her long dream. Well, what is that long dream and how she managed to overcome this breakup are the questions which listeners want to know. And if they want to know then they should watch this music video which is available on the YouTube channel of T-series. This song is again a great song by Dhvani and Tanishk.



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