The basic credential to start a morning is a newspaper. Though the modern world is considered to be digital but none can take the place of the newspapers.

These are the cheapest source of information which are widespread in the social hierarchy. It enlightens people of what is right.

Newspapers are nowadays considered as more important than the early bed tea. They are potent in propagating the views of government, public, etc. They help us know about what’s going around the globe-the sports, the politics, the share rates, public opinion and the business, etc.

The newspaper of 2050 would probably have the same importance in the society as today. Daily in the morning, people would be as curious to take a glance of the newspaper as today. But, there would be drastic changes around the globe.

The technology will take over the world till the year 2050. Innumerable individuals will have their first step on several planets, other than Mars too.

The rapid growth in the technology leads us to think about the drastic increase in the Artificial Intelligence. Researches have started and in future, i.e., 2050, robots will replace men in most of the fields. Technology will play an important role and machines will master men. In 2050, each and every thing will likely to have an electronic medium like e-banking, e-food, etc. The most important thing to be focused in 2050 will be the rapid growth in the population of the world. The morning newspapers may contain news of a Billionth child born. The news of the bad weather conditions would occupy most of the newspapers. Any of the towns in the world would be floating on water due to the melting of the Antarctic glaciers. The major headlines would cover stories relating to Ozone layer depletion or the increased area of the Ozone hole. A rapid increase in temperature globally would lead to many cancerous diseases. Due to the Ozone layer depletion, the newspapers will show headlines of various carcinogens diseases, AIDS, etc. There would be news about flying cars, driver-less vehicles, etc. There can also be news of road accidents on various other planets except Earth and including the Moon. The inauguration of new hotels on the Moon and other planets can be a part of daily news in the news sheets. Industrialization around the world would prosper and the next half of the 21st century would cause a hike in oil prices. There would be news about people undergoing depression and committing suicides due to rising prices. It would be a time to meet our alien friends and know various facts about them and their planet. That though sounds very weird, but is major aspect I feel would happen in those days!

Newspapers would have all kinds of stuffs which we today consider as the weirdest of all. These things when thought of, are considered as the ones which couldn’t be imagined ever. But these very unimaginable aspects would become the part of our daily headlines.



Profile of Aparna Gupta
Aparna Gupta  •  4y  •  Reply
The concept of flying cars sounds great! I want it to be implemented and yet wanna have an experience sitting in some such car 😍
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Chauhan Sumedha  •  5y  •  Reply
Very well written. Do check my articles as well
Profile of Sanjana Gupta
Sanjana Gupta  •  5y  •  Reply
Definitely! Our successors would take our place. But Yes, they would have to face a hotter time due to the global warming and it's consequences.
Profile of Ikram Farooq
Ikram Farooq  •  5y  •  Reply
nicely written...vud humans survive till 2050 though???
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Kapil Asthana  •  5y  •  Reply
very good
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Kapil Asthana  •  5y  •  Reply