Home Remedies For Aborting Fetus

Sanjana Gupta
May 30, 2019   •  407 views

Abortion is a technique to get rid of early pregnancy. It is a term denoting an activity which can either be spontaneous or induced. An induced kind of abortion is a planned one. It simply signifies termination of pregnancy in a planned manner. While another aspect is the spontaneous one; which denotes a miscarriage or an uncertain action. Early pregnancy if isn’t wanted can be dropped by miscarriages or planned procedures. Here are a list of several home based remedies which can help a woman consider and get rid of the unwanted growth of fetus within her.

Angelica Root

The usage of Angelica roots in perfect proportion is one of the best home tonic for early abortion. 15-20 roots are to be consumed each time. Daily and routinely consumption are helpful in aborting a baby.


It is a spice which increases taste in a food element. It is helpful in relieving pains caused during child birth and also helps in abortion. It also controls excessive bleeding and clots. High doses of this spice are only helpful in abortions. Dry raw powder with warm water when consumed helps in abortions.


It is a fruit with a whole lot of nutrients like iron, potassium, vitamin E, fibers, and many essential minerals. It contains Oxytocin and Prostaglandin. These two essential elements in papaya are the cause of initiation of abortion. Papaya can be consumed in ripe or unripe form and should not be consumed at all at the times of pregnancy.

Sesame Seeds

Their seeds if mixed with honey and consumed leads to spontaneous abortion or miscarriage. It can also be taken or consumed by eating soaked leaves kept overnight.

Pineapple Juice

The juice contains heavy contents of Vitamin C and Bromelain. This is a simple technique because pineapples are quite easily available and can help with fetus loss. The cervix of a woman is softened by the Bromelain, which results in miscarriages.

Banana Leaves

Acacis pods when amalgamated with the banana leaves helps in getting rid of unwanted pregnancies.


Aspirin, the most common medication among masses, is an effective home remedy toget rid of risks of unwanted pregnancy. It disintegrates the thick uterine lining which is crucial for the growth of fetus. The daily doses include 4-10 tablets taken routinely for 3-4 times a day is effective in aborting the fetus.

The unwanted abortion can be prevented by the utilization of the following homely ingredients: ginger, parsley, coffee and avocado.Home abortion methodsshould not be considered as the priority methods and should be adopted only after consulting the doctor.



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Sam  •  4y  •  Reply
yes great, go ahead Aparna, experiment on your body and end up in fatal situations. 'olden times' and 'olden situations' are OLD now, mind you in olden times the life expectancy used to be very low only because of such ideas.
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Aparna Gupta  •  4y  •  Reply
I understand the way you tried n wrote this article. In olden times, people used such methods to cure unwanted pregnancy at early stages. I disagree to what Sam commented. For initial stages of unwanted pregnancy, home remedies have always been a great cure.
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Sam  •  4y  •  Reply
really don't appreciate such articles, all these are extremely risky . please watch what you write