Before I start, let me ask my readers a very simple question.

Have you ever attempted to visit a poorly designed site, with an inappropriate content? Or if you ever did so, did you ever find a way to stay there for a longer time?

I know the majority answer would be a Big NO. It is obviously due to the fact that a poorly written content doesn’t call much attention. Nor the crowd enjoys enough to stay on to the same platform or use any of its services.

The internet is a platform with an infinitesimal crowd. In this very strange new world,blogging and freelancing has become an integral part. Most of us value these hobbies and make them our professions, and thus content in the present era has become a more valuable resource. A Web page devoid of a good content, is like a bird without wings.

Here are some of the key rules, which will prove the fact that “Content is the key to Success”. Let’s Begin.

  1. Connect and Create a Bond with your Audience - While creating a content, thecontent writersmust try to connect with their viewers. The content should be preferably in a simple tone, which could easily be understood by a layman. The creator should also keep in mind the fact that he/she is not sounding partial. This could definitely hurt the sentiments of the other party.

  2. The KISS Principle - The KISS principle stands for KEEP IT SHORT and SIMPLE. Thewebsite contentmust be Short, Simple and Sweet. This helps in attracting more number of viewers to a web page. Thecontent writersmust try to be concise and precise in their words and yet more productive. It is because in this fast paced society, conciseness is given a way more consideration.

  3. Completeness - Content writingis an art, which can make a web page prosper or it can lead to a massive degradation too. The content creator must be clear and focused while creating an article. He/She should focus more on 5W’s and 1 H. What, Why, When, Where, Who and How. These interrogations, though sound simple, but play an integral part in making our content effective.

  4. Open Ending -In order toprovide a purposive content, the content writersshould always let the readers think of what is coming next. The matter of the writing should be so captivating that the readers await for the upcoming views of the writer. This would help in fetching more audience.

  5. Facts and Figures - The writer should incorporate some real world examples, his own personal experiences and a few facts and figures to create his writings more efficient. He/She should give proper facts which do not create misunderstanding of the message.

Writing is a very hard-working task. Not all can try to opt this as their career option. To be a successful content writer, one needs to know the basic necessities to create a content. With a powerful, concise content, one can make miracles. The content is definitely the key to success to almost every individual platform, but only if it is created in a mannered way.