Any woman who ever existed was taught by the one who existed before - culture, heritage, traditions, norms, rules and regulations these are only applicable to women and that they have to follow without questioning.

But this one didn't, today when I tell you the story of Azizun Bai- a prostitute as many people called her and I disguise it just as any other profession! Often when we tell stories of bravery and utmost courage we forget the sacrifice of the ones without any medals.

Ab bhi jiska khoon ka khaula, khoon nahi vo paani hai. Jo desh ke kaam na aaye, vo bekaar jawani hai - Chandrasekhar Azad

Aziz- a young courtesan, who was one of the active members of Nana Sahib and Tatya Tope's forces against the British army. She had no personal motives or grudges against the British unlike many other women who joined the forces, she just wanted her country to be free of men not from the same land. Many British men came to her brothel for various sexual as well as entertainment purposes, she supplied essential information to the forces of Indian freedom struggle which she gained from them. She often dressed up like male sepoys, rode horseback and assassinated Britishers.

Aziz was one the soldiers who was greatly involved in the procession of the day the flag was raised in Kanpur, her kotha was one of the meeting points of the rebels. She gathered women from all parts of India who fearlessly went on to cheer for men in arms, attended to their wounds and distributed arms and ammunition. Her army did not discriminate women based on their caste, color, ethnicity or professsion, their aim was freedom. Women who got caught by the British were often tortured, killed or burnt alive but that never hampered her determination. As long as she lived she served for building a nation she dreamt of!

She was caught by the Britishers who told her to confess and that they would leave her but she preferred martyrdom.

Tere yalgaar mein tameer thi tarkeeb na thi, tere israr mein targheeb thi taadeeb na thi - Makhmoor Jalandhari

There are extraordinary women from all walks of life who made outstanding contributions to the cause of freedom. There have been many, lost in the pages of history. The ones who did it not for recognition or to be remembered but for me and you!