5 Online Jobs That You Never Knew About Before

Sambhabi Naskar
Jun 13, 2019   •  14 views

Online jobs are the smartest and the easiest way to earn money in the comfort of your own home. A person should always be wary of fraud or scams and find legitimate job opportunities online which pay well. All you need to be an online writer is to hone your writing skills, buy a laptop and access high-speed internet connection. Flexibility and money come with online writing and will help you in living a better lifestyle.

Let’s have a look at a few uncommon and exciting online jobs that nobody has heard of yet:

1.Online Reseller

This job involves earning a large amount of money by selling items online and reaching out to clients who want to get rid of certain things, but they usually are unable to find the time to do it themselves. Those people who are really experienced and possess great business savvy to promote their services can apply for this job. Sellers determine the market price and the value of the items they are selling. If your business is good, reselling on eBay, Amazon and other sites can be a very lucrative and a solid job.

2.Virtual Assistant

It involves finding time to handle the emails, scheduling events and travel arrangements for a businessman or scheduling children’s doctor's appointments of a very busy executive. This job calls for good management skills, organizational skills, time management skills as well as some multi-tasking to manage a multitude of tasks without losing any patience as well. Knowing Microsoft Office as well as good phone etiquette usually come in handy for this job.

3.Document Translator

This field involves participating in live conservations for translating documents and recordings from a virtual office(skype and conference calls). Though one may have to work under strict deadlines sometimes, one can choose to turn down anything. Spanish is the most demanded language in this field followed by Japanese, Korean, Chinese and French. The job description includes the ability to be able to speak, read and write fluently in more than one language.

4.Interview Transcriber

This job is all about transcribing a wide range of videos. Due to the Internet, it is easier to just e-mail a digital file of an audio of the interview session. The candidate is required to have good typing speed and accuracy and a good pair of headphones which will enable one to hear and understand better. It is all about listening and writing all you hear very accurately. One can expect to earn 5 to 40 dollars per hour.

5.Affiliate Blogger

If you love to write blogs, then this job might be the one for you. If you are an expert at writing attractive and informative blogs, you will get paid to advertise products or merchandise of rising or popular companies and online businesses. For example, if the blog is about parenting, it’s suitable for those companies selling children’s clothing and toys. It involves earning a commission when someone follows a link on your blog to another site to buy something. One can earn 10 to 50 dollars per 1000 hits.