How Mobile Phones Have Changed Our Lives

Sakthi Parameswaran
Mar 11, 2019   •  31 views

Ever wondered how mobile phones have influenced our lives? The mobile phones have become an integral part of our human life, as the advancement in technology made it a man made wonder. Thanks to the smart phones, an advancement to mobile phones, as we have several ways to communicate. The mobile phones are the devices that allows us to connect around the globe in transferring messages. The recent advent of smart phones is said to have modified our lifestyle.


Twenty years ago, it was not possible to contact your workplace while you are at home. Similarly, people found it difficult as they were not given the option of working from home while they were looking at their family, because of the communication gap. People who were living away from home were not able to reach their family at the time of need.

After the introduction of mobile phones, the distance was least bothered as people carried these devices to whichever place they travelled. People were able to communicate their family without minding the kind of physical space they are confined to. The smart phones made it even better, as people could share the images, videos and many more details through various applications.


We could find that people are unaware of the nearby happenings, as they are more involved with their mobile phones. People, in the earlier days, would try to initiate some conversation with a stranger in the course of traveling. Now, people pull out their mobile phones and get involved in it.


In order to escape from the reality, people prefer smart phones. Addiction to smart phone can take us to the digital world, away from our friends ad family. People who try to avoid facing the social situations and introverted people, are more susceptible to this smart phone addiction.

Some of the signs of smart phone addiction are,

  • Checking constantly for notifications, at regular intervals

  • Increased dependence on smart phones

  • Decline in performance level

  • Avoiding social interaction with people

  • Increase in distraction due to constant messages.

Ways to curb the increased usage,

  • Engage in real human contact

  • Restrict the usage of phones

  • Get real alarm clock

  • Avoid using phone in the bed

  • Take care of the settings, making the necessary notifications visible

  • Focus on people,and not on the phone

However hard one may try, it is impossible to get rid of smart phones completely. It is essential to realize the real need and use the phones accordingly. Inspite of spending too much time on mobile phones, one could try making contact with the nearby persons. Trying to reduce the usage of mobile phones may bring in some visible changes in one's life enhancing the health of that individual.