I still remember the day our teacher came inside the class with a circular in his hand informing about the excursion to bangalore .The whole class erupted with joy and so did I.

Now at the last year of my school I gladly look back at all those precious memories I made right from small to big , but little did I know the memories that I was about to make in that tour was going to be a part of me for the rest of my life. Something that still brings chills down my spine.

The entire school foyer was crowded with kids running from here and there as we were about to start our journey to bangalore, and thats when I first noticed him inbetween the noisy crowd of kids ,a tall lean guy wrapped himself in a leather jacket ,maroon one.He walked past me leading the group of three.For the rest of the tour he didnt bother removing the jacket and neither did i stop starring at it.

The tour later seemed to be nothing but a utter mess,the hotel did not have proper rooms ,water nor washed plates .The busses were overcrowded and less ventilated, not even half of the things mentioned in the itenery was fulfilled and on the last day of the tour my eyes begged for comfort as we were taken to the heavily crowded dam.

All of us were asked to walk in pairs by our teacher and if my memory doesn't fail it was then our teacher spilled the golden words from her mouth as she asked us to follow the boys of grade 10 and there he was standing last in the group as i lead the girls from the front .

All my droopiness suddenly swept far away as a unknown smile crept on my face as I continued to follow him,he stopped literary every 2minutes to tie his laces and I stood behind him patiently chuckling at his inability to tie his laces .The noisy crowd nor the crampling crowd annoyed me anymore.

Then there he turned for the first time towards me completely unaware about my existence. Still his gaze felt surreal his smile meant for a golgappa stall nearby radiated all over me. Maybe that was the first time someone made me blush. The very moment I officially labelled him as my first crush.

The tour soon came to an end but the memory still feels raw and fresh. Everytime the same smile creeps through my face as I take my pen to write about him,the jacket.