Is Computer Muti-Linguistic..?

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Many of us may have this doubt that how computers understand these many languages. To get clarity you people have to read this article. First of all computer is nothing but an electronic device which is used for computing. Something like arithematic operations such as addition, subtraction etc. or to find roots of a quadratic equation. Some people say COMPUTER stands for Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research.

Computers play an important role in our day-to-day life and many of us are using them regularly for various purposes. Around the world we have many languages and how does computer understand human language? Do computers have super powers like Avengers. NO, Not at all. For this there is a key called Programming language. In simple words, programming language is a tool used to do a job. Then why do we have a number of programming languages? We have many programming languages because each and every programming language do different jobs. For example, To cook any sweet we can use sugar or jaggery. We can choose any one of them or both. Both are sweet but a slight difference in their taste varies the taste of the recipe. Similarly, we have various programming languages for various purposes.

In the view of understanding capability of the computer, we generally have two types of languages. High-level language and Low-level language. High level language is human readable language which is similar to our normal language. Low level language is understandable language of machines ( Binary language). Low level languages are assembly languages. In simple words Machine languages. Machines can understand only binary language that consists of 0's and 1's. Now comes the point. A programming language is the language consisting a set of instructions that produce some outputs. High level languages are nothing but C language, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby etc...but first programming language is said to be FORTRAN. We write in these high level languages and then compile them with the help of some compilers. Compilers are nothing but which are used to convert high level language to low level language. Something tricky right? The code we write in any of these high level language is first compiled and an executable file is obtained which is now understandable by computers.

So now we came to a conclusion that computer is not multi-linguistic but it can understand only Binary language but every high level language can be converted into this language.



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