Quarter-Life Crisis? It's Okay!

Saif Solanki
Jul 19, 2019   •  28 views

So quarter-life crisis is acrisis "involving anxiety over the direction and quality of one's life" which is most commonly experienced in a period ranging from a person's twenties up to their mid-thirties. And it's prevalent now more than ever. Our younger generation has to deal with career fears, ever-high rents, social anxieties, grossly competitive workplace, the pressure to keep up with unrelenting standards and whatnot. The quarter-life crisis manifests itself in us wanting to run away, to start again that will distract us from our reality. It creates a state of painful confusion.The more lost and stressed we feel, the more we find ourselves looking for an escape. It's also the ubiquitous social media that has made us to always wonder "grass is always greener the other side" and has constantly exposed us to “better options” which has left us with a perpetual feeling of dissatisfaction. Also, the success symbol for the younger generation isn't climbing the career ladder, it's doing work that matters.

So how can we rescue ourselves when we think we're going through a quarter-life crisis and find something meaningful in our lives? Well, firstly it is important that we surround ourselves with people we share the same vision with. We need people that believe in the beauty of their dreams just as how we believe in our own dreams. It's not common if we tell someone we are quitting our job to pursue what we always dreamt of and felt passionate about and be appreciated. But instead, if we share our ideas, journey and struggle with 'believers', we could get away from the mundane life we always despised and start pursuing what is meaningful to us.

And another lesson to be learned is to stop comparing ourselves to others. It's one of the biggest culprits, a common practice of rating our progress against the lives, careers, and relationships of those around us. Instead of comparing ourselves to everyone around us, instead of comparing ourselves to everyone on social media, we have to start figuring out what it is that we want. We don't climb the career ladder to anywhere but build a career that matters to us. If we find 'believers', if we stop comparing ourselves to others now, and if we hustle to pursue what is meaningful to us, we will change our life, we will change the lives of others, and we will change the world.