Climate Change - Violation Of Human Rights

Saif Solanki
Jul 20, 2019   •  14 views

If you are someone on this planet, it's not a question if you are concerned about climate change but it is the grave need of the hour. Our only home in the universe is ailing and we are not really doing much for that matter. Every other society, culture, and country has achieved new heights in ensuring and securing human rights, Most parts of the world are doing great in protecting its citizen's human rights. But if we stop and think about the earth's climate which is deteriorating with every second, isn't that something we have a right over, after all, it's about our home. To think that only certain parts of the world are going to face the brunt of climate change is totally absurd. Every living entity on this planet is already experiencing it in some way or another. we are facing an existential threat to the future of our planet. And that should make us realize that climate change is the greatest threat to human rights in the 21st century.

It's time that we monitor our carbon emission and put a stop to the incessant use of fossil fuels. Industrialized countries must cut their emissions, must become much more energy-efficient, and must move as quickly as possible to renewable energy. For developing countries and emerging economies, the problem and the challenge are to grow without emissions, because they must develop.Indeed, no country in the world has actually grown without emissions. All the countries have developed with fossil fuels, and then maybe moving to renewable energy. So it is a very big challenge, and it requires the total support of the international community, with the necessary finance and technology, and systems and support, because no country can make itself safe from the dangers of climate change. This is an issue that requires complete human solidarity. Human solidarity, if you like, based on self-interest -- because we are all in this together, and we have to work together to ensure that we reach zero carbon by 2050 if we're going to stay below two degrees Celsius of warming. Governments around the world have agreed and have repeated it at every conference on climate, that we have to stay below two degrees Celsius of warming above pre-industrial standards. But we're on course for about four degrees.

We all have to come forward and make sure that no one is left behind and falls victim to climate injustice. Every human has an important role to play in saving the future of our planet. We want action now, we want a safe world, a safe world for future generations, and we're all in this together.