Save Your Money! With Shopping Hacks

Sahita Bonthu
Jun 27, 2019   •  5 views

With the sale season already on its way, shopping is something that will never come to a halt. Shopping almost feels like therapy. If you’re a shopaholic, discounts can take you a long way as you save quite a good amount of money. No matter if you’re looking to upgrade your phone, get a long overdue upgrade on a kitchen appliance, or splurge on that new TV you’ve been wanting, you must surely have a look at this Shopping Hacks to save you more money!

Here are 6 ways you can snag it without breaking a sweat:

1. Make a Shopping List

Life becomes easier when you’re organized. The shops are filled with many offers & discounts but you need to pick and choose the ones you want. Lists make life more efficient. Make a list of items you want to so that you can go on a mission to find each one of them. So make a list even if you have to shop for makeup. This helps us to tackle one item at a time than dealing with giant-sized tasks that can be quite overwhelming.

2. Stop Overpaying – Check Your Receipt

Look at the receipt immediately after you make the purchase. Does the number in the receipt match the one in your head? If it’s way off, don’t hesitate to politely ask the staff to double-check the charge.

3. Ditch The Shopping Cart

How could shopping carts possibly be a bad thing?

They’re one of the dozens of tricks that stores pull to tempt you into overspending. You’re always more likely to buy more when you can fill up a cart than you would if you have to carry merchandise around. Stick with a small basket whenever possible. If you’re not grocery-shopping, you shouldn’t be using a cart at all!

4. Be aware of Item Placement

Grocery stores tend to place their most colorful produce up front to give you the impression that it's a healthy place to shop. On top of that, most stores will place essential and discounted items toward the back and tempt you with flashier products on the way. They drive that urge to buy all the way through the checkout aisles, which are filled to the brim with unnecessary items you can pick up just before leaving. Don't fall for it, gentlemen – buy no more than what you went in for.

5. Be Patient – Wait For Sales

Discounts and sales should always be your priority when shopping.

If you love a product, wait five days and come back to see if it’s on sale. Discounts will always be a factor, but the products they correspond to will shift. If you familiarize yourself with what products go on sale in which stores, you should definitely align those two factors as much as possible.

6.The Power of Managers

Even if there isn’t a formal sale on, managers have the power to offer discounts on specific products. It's in their best interest to maintain a satisfied customer base, so they will be open to providing discounts within reason. So make sure you deal with them properly and know about the product in detail so that you may not get fooled at last. Especially check the product more than twice even after suggested by the manager to find any defects.