How To Make Your Vacation Productive?

Sahita Bonthu
May 30, 2019   •  22 views

SUMMER VACATION is the long break we get after completion of our hectic exams. These are the most awaiting day's many students look for. We might have faced lots of ups and downs in our academics, crossed various deadlines, struggled with the nights to pass the exams and what not have we made in our college! So now the time has come to rejoice and come out of the busy life and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. Many wastes their vacation just by watching TV, playing video games, sleeping, etc...

To make your holidays productive and engage yourself in something new, then you must surely go through this and learn differently in this vacation.

1. Learn Cooking

Most of you think "Cooking is Impossible and I am sure I cannot do it". But trust me, it'll worth it.By learning how to cook you can be independent and don't require to search for other options. Knowing you are able to cook for yourself can give you the satisfaction that you are looking after yourself and you can provide nourishing meals for yourself.It gives us relief from mental stress and you will have a feeling that you are doing something new.Once you learned you feel like magic on your fingertips.Learning to cook is one of the most enjoyable and easy to get into hobbies.

A perfect cooking hobbyist is anybody who enjoys eating and likes to experiment with new and creative flavors. It benefits us especially in TASTE as learning to cook can help us achieve flavor greatness by learning what works and what doesn't work in the kitchen with this we can add ingredients favorite ingredients.When we cook for ourselves we choose what goes into our food. We have the ultimate control over the QUANTITY of the ingredients.When we cook for ourselves we can make more NUTRITIOUS foods than we would find in packaged foods. It's amazing how much cheaper it is to make your own versions of certain foods! For people who study abroad cooking is very useful which can save the cost of food and they can prepare the food of their culture.One of the greatest benefits of cooking, especially for others, is that by cooking you can express to others your love and show how you care for them.

2. Learn to drive

It became very essential to learn how to drive as we are held up with too many works and to cut down some time we need to prefer personal transport. There may be many who have already learned bikes,scooty in their schooling so I think this is the best time to lear Car driving.Driving is like learning to ride a bike – it’s a skill you never forget. Obviously, a car is a little more complicated to handle, but once you have that license it’s yours. If you learn to drive, you have the freedom to travel where and when you want. For students abroad, there are many part-time jobs that require a driver’s license, so having one will open up more employment possibilities to you.You might not need a car now, but if you do in the future, you will have your license ready and waiting. A car is often essential, as getting to work, going shopping or visiting family would be impossible without one.

3. Learn to Play an Instrument

For the people who love music, this would best way you can enjoy it. It can be either Guitar or a piano and many more whatever it is, if you learn it then you can feel that you have some talent in you. Musical training can have a dramatic impact on your brain’s structure, enhancing your memory, spatial reasoning, and language skills.Researchers studying the benefits of music have reported that playing a musical instrument on a regular basis can help bring down stress. Studies show that playing an instrument helps in lowering the heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn lowers the stress hormone cortisol, thus making us feel relaxed. While just listening to music also helps, learning to play an instrument brings with it a comforting routine of daily practice that helps in keeping the stress hormones away. Music helps you connect. Learning an instrument enlarges your social circle since you get to meet more people than you usually would.

Playing a musical instrument helps build confidence. learning to play an instrument is not something that can happen overnight. It is the daily effort of everyday practice that can help a musician learn how to play without mistakes. This, in turn, develops patience. Playing a musical instrument fosters creativity, improves memory, develops discipline, gives you a sense of achievement and lastly it gives more fun.

4. Learn Typing

Most of us neglect this and treat it a waste of time but my suggestion is to SAVE TIME by learning to type.It is not only used for computer-based students but also many people out of this branch.The main thing you notice in learn how to type is, you save a lot of time compared to others who see the keyboard and type.After learning it I am sure you can see a lot of difference.It helps you complete your work faster so that you need not sit for too long.Even though more of us are talking into our phones and computers these days, typing is still certain to play an important role in our lives for many years to come, so learning how to type is never a waste of time.The great thing about typing is that it is not difficult to learn, and anyone can learn with a bit of dedication and practice. Another benefit of learning to type faster is that you will not have to look at the keyboard and think about where your fingers are going.

Once you are typing fast, you will be able to look directly at the screen, and your fingers will type without you even thinking about the movements.This means that you will be able to improve your focus. Every time you look down and try to find a key, you are losing concentration, so you will be able to focus more on what you are trying to say that the actual letters that you are typing.When you learn to touch type, you will also learn about correct typing posture. It's very important to sit up properly in order to stop your neck from becoming stiff and prevent your wrists from causing you pain. You will become more aware of the correct posture when you learn to type properly, and you also won't have to keep looking down at your keyboard, which gives your neck a break and reduces aching.

5. Read Books

The most important thing is to get stuffed with more and more knowledge and the major part of this can be covered by reading books.It's essential to improve our vocabulary, grammar and be strong in English so that we can be confident while speaking or writing.You can read few Inspirational books to get motivated in work like "THE SECRET", "THINK AND GROW RICH", "UNLIMITED POWER", "THE POWER OF SUBCONSCIOUS MIND" etc...Not only this book if you're interested in some entertaining stories, but you can also start reading novels "THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, INTO THE WATER, etc... and there are many more.

Books add knowledge, Enhances imagination power like Have you ever noticed reading a novel or a storybook.You will find that your mind has framed pictures of what you read. Supposing the novel you were reading describes a desert or sea related incidents. Automatically your mind frames the images related to them. This is possible even if you have never seen a sea or dessert before. But due to the description in the storyline, the images are formed.

Thus reading can enhance imagination capacity. So these books help to keep the mood and mind on a positive note. These books contribute to the health benefits of reading.Spiritual books are available in different religions so these give us spiritual knowledge.

These are the few things that are productive to do. You can also join in sports, learn a new language like French,German, etc up to your interest...

Make your vacation useful in doing something new that decreases your boredom and makes you develop new skills.