Reservation in India has become a matter of discussion these days. The ones who are included in a reservation list are the Schedule Castes (SC), Schedule Tribes (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), and the economically backward general. The reservation was initiated back in time by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar to give equal opportunity to all castes of the society and to make them educated. This is necessary to let the tribes and castes to get rid of the untouchability system that took place during those days. It is also important to give a glance at oppression, inequality, and discrimination faced by these people. These reservations were provided to these backward classes to give them an equal opportunity in government jobs, enrolment in higher colleges, seats in various legislatures, etc. The reservation has basically sheened the historically backward tribes. Reservation is governed by the Constitution, statutory laws and local rules and regulations.

The reservation was established earlier just to give an equal opportunity to non-Brahmin and other backward classes to flourish in every field of their lives. And this can be started by giving proper education to everybody. So, to have a proper education, they need to go to schools, which was strictly prohibited for them as they are not allowed to go or participate in any public places. Many earlier leaders have fought against this discrimination and tried very hard to make rules to fully eradicate this problem.

Now, the question raises, are these reservations still very necessary to be provided to them or not? Competitive exams like NEET, AIEEE, etc. have also reserved seats, which are favouring reserved quota students to get admission in the respective institutions. But with the advent of reservation, reserved quota students have reached to the peak of every field. Sometimes, they are so competent that they are occupying the position of even general class students.

So, for farsightedness reservation can be tried to demolish for some time to see if it really works or not. It can be applied as an experiment to see if, without reservation, reserved quota students are excelling or not. If it doesn’t work it can be reapplied after some years. Many general category students are now not taking reserved students seriously as they think that reserved students are excelling only because of reservation. So, by taking the above measures to demolish the reservation for some time reserved students can prove their intellectuality.

So, whether reservation is a boon or a bane is just a matter of thought. How you take this reservation will decide its fortune.