Population And Pollution Are Interlinked

Rushda Khursheed
May 20, 2019   •  76 views

The total world population has reached approximately 7.7 billion people and it has been increasing rapidly, 9.2 billion people by 2050, estimated by United Nations. This increase number of people will certainly affect our environment. As a greater number of people is exhaling carbon dioxide, the more polluted our environment will become. Moreover, deforestation process is also increasing day by day because people are not getting the place to live on. The more deforestation process will increase the less will be the percentage of oxygen available on the earth and ultimately our earth will get polluted.

‘Anthropocene epoch’ is a new term coined by scientists which is the influence of humans and their activities on the environment. Population and pollution are interlinked to each other in a fact that the way pollution will increase, it will create some amount of wastes and that will eventually increase in pollution. Moreover, the greater number of people are buying vehicles these days and that will increase in air and noise pollution. More number of factories are setting up every year and this will also increase in pollution. As the wastes are excreted from every factory will lead to more pollution in the environment. Also, A. Cs are being installed in every house. This also led to the increase in pollution. Wastes from the factories and other waste materials are thrown to sea, a kind of a water pollution. Some agriculture processes like paddy-rice cultivation and livestock production, are responsible for the release of greenhouse gases in the environment. This will also make our environment dirty. So, basically populations are consisting of various people who collectively form societies, and people and societies depend abundantly on food and materials produced by the land and this population will eventually lead to the destruction of the environment.

How to resolve this problem?

·By giving educational and financial incentives. It can be done by giving money to people having two or less than two children, and by giving free education or scholarship program to a single child in a family. It has already started in India and it has shown a very great result.

·By reducing the number of vehicles in the world. It should be replaced by bicycle has it has two benefits. It can decrease the pollution rate and also the people will be healthier through this action.

·Pollution can also be reduced by deinstalling the A. C’s in our houses. It can be only possible by planting more trees in the environment, so that the percentage of CO2 will decrease and that will certainly decrease in temperature. And then there will be no need of A. C’s in our houses.

·Saying no to plastic bags. Plastic bags are showing the worst effect on our environment. It should be completely banned by the government. Indian government has recently started this initiative.

·We should use recycled products more. By this waste materials will be used by the people and hence it will decrease in pollution.

These efforts will come as a success only if the all the people around the globe will take part in this. Everybody should show their responsibility towards their mother land. Otherwise the situation will become worse day by day and then no one can control this situation by any effort.



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Will wait for it 😁😁😁
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I am glad that you liked it. Will try to write on some new topic as well..
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I totally get your point and I think one easy way to resolve this problem is to start by using recycling materials. Nicely explained! 👍🏻