This is a story of two friends. One is an A.C. and the other is a fan. The earlier fan was very popular among human beings. He had been liked by everyone. It is he who was given much importance and no one else could be of that much of importance as a fan was. Everyone liked the fan a lot. The one reason of its popularity which we can point out is that the fan takes less electricity and it is also environment-friendly. Moreover, it was the new mechanical thing to get rid of the scorching heat of the summer.

Meanwhile, deforestation process was at its peak and in result, global warming commenced and then pollution started to reach to its peak position. Due to an increase in pollution, this scorching heat of the summer started to increase in temperature. As a result, a fan gradually has been replaced by an A.C. now. A fan is very disappointed by this action. But every human being thinks that now the temperature has risen a lot and this is the best time to replace the fan with an A.C.

But they just forgot one thing that every good thing has some disadvantages as well. The major disadvantage related to A.C. belongs to the working people, as they have started working in an A.C. After completing their work they have to go out for lunch or any other stuff and as we already know, in India during the summer time we face a very hot air or ‘loo’ in the outer atmosphere just after the cooling effect of A.C then combines to give you a very bad effect on your health.

There is a conversation between A.C. and fan:

A.C: I am rich, everyone likes me. Why do not you leave this world?

Fan: I am still famous among the middle-class people and they still need me. I cannot leave this world.

A.C: I give relief in the extremely hot weather. What will you do at that time?

Fan: The one who does not have the capacity to afford you, will get relief from me. So, I need not worry about it.

A.C: I am a symbol of an elegant and upper-class family. Everyone is liking me now because they think of me as a status symbol.

Fan: I now do not be a part of a rich or elite class but I am still an ornament of humble people. Thankfully, I am not the part of obnoxious people.