The new generation of today including me have actually got a lot addicted to the latest digital technology nowadays. The youths are always seen with a partner and certainly their partner, their mood freshener, their boredom reducer, their talking tom, their crying pillow, is certainly none other than their Cellphone

Each day starts the same- Rubbing my eyes to the pings while still on bed, followed by scrolling down posts while on commode.My workplace- still finds me browsing my smartphone during leisure!

Walking down to my workplace- Phone in my hand- by default!

I submitted my phone to the service center last evening. I was feeling incomplete- as if ‘phone-less’ was equivalent to being ‘Job-less’!

As if an important part of my life had paused.
Took me some time to actually take-in the fact- ‘It was just a damned phone- a THING, not a person’ and that I should accept it now. The lack of News feed and Post updates kept my mind so blank that I actually started feeling ‘uncluttered’! The click baits- constant pings, ‘pop-ups’ and ‘push- mes’ had just subconsciously and cleverly made me do what they wanted- Click on them! in unnoticed ways!

It hits upon me- the Cruel truth of the viral epidemic- the ‘Internet mesh work’, that had led me to forget spending enough time with myself.

Last night I actually slept reading my favorite Dan Brown novel- I last read a book few years ago- And had been planning to do that again since then! Sleeping with a book in your hand…with your brain running in the wilderness of imagination is a different level of peace!

One night without my phone was so calm…so different. I don’t remember going to bed with an uncluttered and peaceful mind for a long time.I realize the need to undo my habit of keeping a check on each pop-up on my screen! I also realize I need to take some time out for myself each day and do nothing- Just connect with myself.

Suddenly ‘no-pings-for-so-long’ draws my attentions. And I feel the pains of separation again!! Such is the addiction. It must have been much strong, isn't it?

For better and for worse, digital technology is now an irreversible fact of our lives,” said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake. “In a digital world, our dual challenge is how to mitigate the harms while maximising the benefits of the internet for every child.”

Digital Technology is obviously an asset for the era. But its usage, its exposure and its advantages should be wisely used and proper limits and boundaries must be set so as to avoid any disadvantages. Perhaps, A wise and a Smart Person survives the age of Smart and Digital Technology easily.