Once there were two strangers named Riya and Ruhi. They would see each other but would never talk. All of a sudden one day their conversation had begun, it was such a strong they became best friends forever and their friendship was the inspiration for other friends there.

As we know every story has evil in it, unlikely they both don’t know it, that someone is spying on their friendship and they started creating many misunderstandings in between them. But their enemies were unsuccessful in breaking the bond between Riya and Ruhi.

Years passed away their friendship was even strong, but for their unluck this time their enemies were successful to create misunderstanding in Riya’s mind by showing her the fake situations.

Riya started thinking that Ruhi started making other friends, Riya felt like Ruhi doesn’t need her anymore. She felt it’s ok if Ruhi wants to make other friends she can, and “I only want her to be happy”.

Riya started to step back and gave space to new friends. Everything changed in their lives and Ruhi’s father got transferred and they need to move apart from each other.

Two different bodies but one soul and one strong bond went on either side of the world. Game of nature they did not meet and they don’t have each other contact’s.

Ruhi was able to make other friends in the new place but Riya was still waiting for her friend Ruhi and she could not give that place to another person.

Years passed away, Riya’s classmates would tease her saying themselves as Ruhi. Riya got many prank call and she answered every call because they use to as “hey Riya I am Ruhi here”.

One fine day Riya again got the call saying the same line, but now Riya was unable to control the anger on the prank call’s she showed her anger then. To her luck, it was Ruhi on either side which Riya doesn’t know and lost the contact.

8 years later one fine day Riya got the contact of Ruhi and their friendship had restarted with a new phase, they both we happy to meet again. Thought Ruhi hand made many other close friends to her, Riya could not give the place of Ruhi in her life to others. Both friends live on either side but never complained about the situations, they knew they have a strong bond and they believed their friendship, even after the strong efforts of their enemies they are together today.