Many empires have risen and fallen through the ages of history, but these are the top six empires that ruled at a major part of the world almost reaching the world domination.

The Mayan Empire

One of the longest running empires in human history that ruled over Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador and more, the Meso-American Empire existed from 2000 BCE to 1500 AD. The Mayan Empire is known for its wonderful architectures and advancements in mathematics, writings, calendars and above all end of the world prophecies. According to historians, the main reason for its down fall was its war with Spanish conquistadors.

The Achaemenid Empire

Most of us might remember them from the film ‘300’? that`s the Achaemenid Empire. Established by Cyrus the Great in 6000 BCE, the Persian Empire boasted centralized administration as well as fiercest warriors ruling Western and central Asia. At the peak of their rule, the empire controlled almost half of the world population.

The Egyptian empire

Pharaohs ruled the Egypt as kings and Gods from 1600 to 1100 BCE. They gave the world some of the most amazing architectural wonders also called Pyramids; they also gave the world rich culture, papyrus, ships and beer.

The Macedonian empire

Took the throne of tiny state of Macedon at 20, lived only up to age 33, Alexander the Great conquered and ruled one of the largest empires in history that comprised of Persian Empire, Egyptian empire and much more. The most amazing part is, he did all these in mere 11 years. Although he died undefeated, however premature death left his heirs fighting and eventually the empire he build collapsed.

The British Empire

The empire where the sun never sets. Built influence in 1600s, the world`s largest empire that controlled 1/5th of global population at its peak. Two world wars led to depletion of its resources and soon empire dissolved. But till today as English is world`s most spoken language.

The Roman Empire

Besides prosperity and peace, the staggering European civilization is also known for its art, architecture, politics, religion, culture, language. It was officially founded by Augustus in 1st century BCE but Julius Caesar turned the republic of Rome to The legendary Roman Empire. The large size of the empire led to lose control over all its parts and made it weak against enemies. Finally in 476 AD the West of the Roman Empire collapsed, although the east survived till fall of Constantinople in 1453.