The Unexplained Mysterious Places In The World

Riyush Motwani
Jun 25, 2019   •  13 views

Earth, since it's creation, has been an abundance of excellence. Be it the superfluity of resources that we are provided with, the breathtaking 'World Heritage Sites' or the exotic everlasting nature that can never be talked about enough!

But there are some specific places across the globe that can't be talked about enough either, given the unexplainable mysterious history they belong to.

Here's a list of Top 5 Mysterious places on Earth:-


In AD 600 Teotihuacan in Mexico was the sixth largest city in the world and about 2000,000 people lived there. Just 150 years later, Teotihuacan was almost deserted, and plants had begun to grow over city's huge pyramids.

Nobody knows why Teotihuacan was abandoned, but it may have been devastated by a huge fire in 650 AD.

The Nazca Lines:

The Nazca Lines are enormous drawings on the ground (called geoglyphs) that stretch across the Nazca Desert in the Southern Peru. They show more than 300 geometric patterns, spirals and animals.

These lines are so vast (one extends 65km) that they can only be seen from a height of about 300m. The lines were first noticed when commercial aeroplanes began to fly over Peru in 1920s.

Most experts agree that they were made by Nazca Indians who lived in the region between 300 BC and 800 AD, but there are many questions yet to be answered about them. For example, why were the pictures made and how are they so precise if their makers had no means to view them from the sky?


Stonehenge is a circle of 17 upright stones called sarsens which stand on Salisbury Plain in southwest England. The stones weigh up to 50 tonnes and have other stones, called lintels, laid across the top.

There is also an inner circle of smaller bluestones weighing up to four tonnes each. Stonehenge is the only stone circle in the world with lintels across the top of the stones, and experts think it was completed about 1500 BC.

They believe that the sarsen stones were transported from 32km away and the bluestones came from an incredible 250km away. At least 600 men would have been needed to move each sarsen stone on some of the steepest parts of the journey.

Nobody knows exactly why Stonehenge was built, but it may have been some sort of temple or even a kind of astronomical calendar.

The Bermuda Triangle:

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida. It is famous for being the supposed site of many unexplained disappearances.

The three points of the triangle are Miami, Bermuda and San Juan in Puerto Rico. In 15th century, Christopher Columbus claimed to have seen a great flame of fire falling into the ocean in the area.

The mystery of Bermuda Triangle first began to attract attention in 1945, when Flight 19, a training mission of five US bombers, vanished off the Florida coast. The plane that was sent to find them also disappeared, and around 100 boat crafts and aircraft have also been lost there. Explainations include magnetic fields, sea monsters and abduction by aliens, but most experts agree the disappearances are caused by bad navigation and/or extreme weather conditions.

Easter Island:

Easter Island lies in the South Pacific between Chile and Tahiti, and is one of the most isolated islands in the world.

By the 16th century, Easter Island had nearly 10,000 inhabitants, who made huge statues known as moai. The 887 moai were carved from the island's volcanic rock and have long, angular faces. Some have eyes made from coral. The average moai was about 4m tall and weighed over 14 tonnes, so they would have been extremely difficult for the islanders to transport.

Archaeologists believe that statues symbolize the spirits of Easter Island's most important inhabitants.

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