6 Weird And Jaw Dropping Indian Rituals And Traditions That Will Blow Your Mind!!!!

Riya Singh
May 11, 2019   •  36 views

India is the land of rituals and traditions, rich in cultural heritage which are prevailing in India from past hundred year or more gives India it's unique identity. The more you go in depth for the search of Indian culture and traditions, the more fascinating it will het with time. With some of the most mesmerising, colourful, joyous and amazing cultures in India like holi, food festival, dussehra, deepawali, onam, gangaur and many more events, India also forms a hub for some weird and jaw dropping rituals which will blow your mind and are practised in our society from centuries which are scary and questionable in our country yet still left unanswered.

1. Bani festival

source: Hindustan Times

When the whole country celebrates the victory of lord Rama over Ravana as Dussehra in the most amazing and glorious way, the Devaragattu temple in kubool district of Andhra pradesh witness frenzy where hundered of men gather at one place from from karnataka and Andhra pradesh to KILL OR GET KILLED. The event known as Bani festival takes place at mid night when the procession idols of Marammat (parvati) and Malleshwara Swamy (shiva) are brought down the hill temple at Neraneki where men gather with 'lathis' ( wooden sticks) and hit each other in head, drenched with blood in the victory parade to commemorate the killing of demon by Mala- Malleshwara the event continues till the break of dawn. Earlier in place of lathis axes were used but due to damage to life and property the use of axes are banned.

2. Thimithi

source: Navrang India

Thimithi, a fire walking ceremony performed in Tamil Nadu a week before deepawali. Theemithi is a part of one and a half month celebration in Tamil Nadu in which the great epic Mahabharat is re enacted. Theemithi is celebrated in the memory of purity of Draupadi, wife of pandavas who walked across a bed of fire and emerged as fresh flower which is known as 'agni pariksha'. Theemithi is re enactment of this act which is believed as blessing by goddess. Not only in India this tradition is spread in Singapore, Sri Lanka and South Africa as well.

3. Pulikali

source: The hindu

A playful and colourful festival celebrated mainly in thrissur district of Mereka is a play of tigers bursting with energy. Men are painted in yellow, red and black depecting tigers and performing on the street in traditional beats. The festival is celebrated in the fourth day of Onam. The spectacular crowd gathered to see the festival makes it more amusing and worth experiencing once in life time.

4. Tossing Infants from Roof

source: indiabookofrecords.in

One of the most bizarre, questionable and child right voilating ritual is prevailing in the state of Maharashtra and Karnataka practised by both Hindus and Muslims. At baba Umer Dargah near Sholapur, Maharashtra, babies are dropped from a heightof 50 feet into a sheet held by men to bring prosperity in the family. The ritual has been followed for more than 700 years and no harm has been reported so far still this ritual is a matter of great concern for National commission for child rights.

5. Madey Snana

source: News clicks

From the old time itself casteism has been one of the major problem in Indian society. Where today most of the practices that uplifts discrimination and degrade a particular caste has been banned but still some places still face a little bit of this problem in the name of ritual and tradition. One such example is the Madey Snana event which takes place in kukke subramaniantemple of karnataka. Madey Snana or spit bathing is a ritual followed here in which the people of lower caste roll over the food leftovers of Brahmins on banana leaves to get rid of their various ailments.

6. Animal wedding for rain

source: Asia news networks

Among all the rituals and traditions in India the practise of Animal wedding to please the rain god sounds weird but funny as well. In the state of Maharashtra, Assam and karnataka animals like frog and donkey are made to marry. As rain has been always a big deal in Indian history, various superstitiona are followed to make the rain god shower their blessing. Some states follow animal wedding as a ritual to please the rain god in which the wedding of frogs or donkeys are carried out with all the hindu rituals by the priest so that rain god will be pleased and shower his blessings upon them.