What according to you is happiness and why do we constantly run after it?
What does it mean to be happy?
What is the difference between happiness and pleasure?
These are important questions which require answers.

What is Pleasure
On a hot summer day, you feel thirsty. When offered with a refreshing cold glass of lemonade.
What does it feel to see the glass?
How do you feel when to drink it?
Will you describe your feeling as happinessor as pleasure?
I believe you will say it is a feeling ofpleasure.
There is a connection between these two kinds of feelings, and sometime, one evokes the other, but they are not the same thing.

Pleasure is perceived through the five senses, while happiness is independent of the five senses.

Pleasure is a good feeling that comes from eating good food, watching a good movie, feeling the warm caressing rays of the sun on a winter day, or having fun at a party. Pleasure has to do with enjoyment involving the five senses and is dependent on circumstances, objects or people.

When you are happy, minor unpleasant events usually do not disturb you, but when you are unhappy, you feel as if everything is against you. You might compensate for this, by eating chocolate and sweets, because this gives you pleasure.

You may smoke a cigarette, because it gives you pleasure, but this does not make you happier, especially, if you acknowledge the fact that smoking is not good for your health.

After talking about pleasure, let us talk about happiness.
What is happiness?
It is a feeling of satisfaction, exhilaration, elation and joy, which wells from within you. You experience it when a problem has been solved, when a goal has been achieved, and when you are feeling good.

There are people, who fear that if they experience happiness, it will be soon taken away from them. They regard it as a temporary state, and are afraid to experience it, lest they lose it. They want to avoid the pain that might follow when it goes away.



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