The Real Problem Of Today's World: Dopamine Toxification

Shivam Sahil
Nov 27, 2021   •  2 views

How many of you are feeling low? How many of you want to take control of your life but still fail to do so?

Identifying a problem with the root cause is the challenge we all face. Some of us have unhealthy diets. Some of us feel lonely and left out, some of us have pornography addictions, some of us are addicted to drugs, smoking and alcohol, etc.

Well all these problems might seem different but they are actually one single candy coming out in different wrappers. You know what it is? It’s Dopamine. Dopamine is a pleasure releasing hormone which is released in our brain every time we do something which we find pleasurable.

So what’s the big deal with Dopamine? Nothing unless released in moderation. Our generation is used to over stimulation which releases a lot of dopamine. We’re so used to the pleasure that we have forgotten the happiness. We’re not in a mood to seek for happiness when all we need is pleasure.

Happiness is underrated and Pleasure is overrated

And guess what all these sort of simulation that triggers our brain are mostly temporary or virtual. It affects our will so badly that we’re not interested in taking any steps to go and do the hard work. Due to over release of dopamine, we’re just losing will, discipline and consistency. Additionally with social media on place, Dopamine is in steroids now. The virtual world adds even more toxification. Scrolling through the feed, watching videos, playing games, etc.

So What’s the Solution?

It’s okay to do these things in moderation but unfortunately it is now linked with our thought process and detachment seems to be a very difficult. If you try to turn off your social media, bad eating habits, etc. even for a day, you would crave for some other ways to get toxicated. And it’s so easy to feel toxicated, distracted and intruiged by these activities and then mess up even harder.

Though this may sound tough, but we have no other option than dopamine detoxification. We need to know that all these problems going around are nothing but a trigger to the over release of dopamine levels. We need to practice more Yoga and meditation. We need to consume healthy food as much as possible.

Start practicing Dopamine Detoxification today. Take baby steps but maintain your consistency. The key to your success is no more hardwork it’s all discipline and consistency. Tell yourself that you need to detoxify yourself, don’t focussing on quitting anything, rather focus on detoxifying yourself with all these pleasure and virtual stimulus. Trust me dopamine detoxification is the only way to go and it will take a lot of will power, failed attempts, new ways to achieve it. Start writing, start exploring, learning new things.

Learn to do things the hard way. Pleasure is temporary doing things by hard work and then achieving will stay with you lifelong and will also act as an inspiration during the bad times. I hope you win this battle, feel free to reach to me via comments or emails. You can get all my details on my profile.

Have a great day!