After the Titans have been defeated by the gods of Olympus, it’s time to divide the spoils of war. Zeus determined to finish the era where the tyrant gods have been ruling the universe and so he decided to share some of his powers.

Zeus as the supreme god started to reign over the sky. Poseidon became the lord of the seas. Whereas Hades, have total control over the underworld, also known as the kingdom of the dead. Everyone who fought by his side, properly honored. From that moment onward, the government of gods of Olympus over the world of man was put in motion.

But after been capable of strength in this sought of power, the gods will still have to face one last and dreadful challenge. The Goddess Gaia, the mother of the Titans was enraged with the gods of the Olympus. Since they imprisoned her sons in the Tartarus. She plotted an act of revenge against Zeus. The Goddess generated the darkest creature of all, the monster, Typhon.

This powerful beast conceived with just one purpose, to defeat Zeus. The enraged beast departed to Mount Olympus. The gods of Olympus spotted the enormous beast and started to run away in panic. To avoid being recognized, they disguised themselves as animals and found shelter in Egypt. Only Zeus remains to fight Typhon. The clash between them is ferocious. Zeus uses a bolt as a weapon as well as the scythe of the Cronos. Nonetheless, during the battle, Zeus was disarmed by the Typhon, who uses the scythe to tear Zeus’s tendons. The powerful god is defeated and injured.

Zeus was imprisoned and his tendons started to be supervised by Kindern, the woman-serpent. With the help of Pan, the god Hermes manages to steal the tendons of Zeus and gave them back to Zeus. Who, then set sails for having his revenge against Typhon. Typhon was fed with the poisonous fruit and Zeus lunge forward to his victory. He shot is most powerful bolt against Typhon’s head and defeat him.

Zeus imprisoned him under a mountain which splits lava from time to time. After this victory, the reign of Zeus and other gods over Earth was open.