Phoenix, one of the most legendary birds in the entire mythology is known for its mysterious facts and its ability to control the fire.

Phoenix can live up to 500 years and then it burns in its own flame and from the ashes of those flames, a new phoenix is born. Phoenix is also known for its mystical strengths and it is believed that the first Phoenix is born from the inside of the sun. It’s rainbow coloured wings can light up the entire sky.

Phoenix is stated in Greek, Persian, Chinese and Hindu mythology. There is only one Phoenix in an entire Earth and can only survive by consuming air. Phoenix can reach and survive even in space and known for its behavior to protect the living creatures from the torment of flames. Naturally, Phoenix lives in hot deserts, very far away from the human civilization and society but when its 500 years come to an ends, it burns itself in the middle of wild forests. Phoenix makes a large nest there, sits inside it and burns the next, causing the Phoenix to burn.

Many Rulers and Kings tried to capture Phoenix to attain its immortal power because it is believed that whoever captures the Phoenix can gain all its power and can become immortal. But no King or any ruler succeeds. In some books and stories, Phoenix is considered as the bird of god and it is believed that it can control the humans and animals only with its voice. And when Phoenix dies, some animals also died by hearing its painful cries.

In some books, Phoenix is also considered as a lucky bird. It is said that if even a shadow of Phoenix falls on any human, his/her became more and luckier every day.

The myths of Phoenix may have weakened the terms of importance during some periods of our history. But, like the mythological bird, it’s symbolism has always managed to renewed and in our pop culture, we can see the birds in works like Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix. The Phoenix is up-to this day a universal symbol of rebirth and the beginning of the new cycle.