Language of the soul makes us a living flesh. As a result of traumatic experiences, our emotional life can become disordered. A mixed experience which allows us to exist and achieve the fullness of our potential by motivating us towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

What would the world be without a single emotion? If there were no smiles, no laughter, no happiness, no guilt, no shame, or love. If we had no emotions at all, our existence would be senseless. We would be cold and dry. There would be no value for our existence. We would be empty, and there would be no reason for doing anything creative. We wouldn't enjoy music, because there would be no harmony. We wouldn't enjoy the company of our friends because we wouldn't be able to share laughter. Without guilt or shame, we wouldn't correct our mistakes, but most importantly we couldn't enjoy the caring and love of your family.

Never apologize for being emotional or sensitive. It shows that we have a big heart which can be easily cheated. People can take advantage of it. Showing our emotions is a sign of strength. Let the world know all have feelings. Emotion makes us a strong human and denying them makes us a beast inside.

Every living creature has the ability to experience and express their emotions but we often don’t express it by overthinking, What others will think of me? What kind of person will I be called if I say so? What if my values float in the air? Whether the opponent will get hurt? Just throw away these silly questions. Let the world accept you as you are. Never be fake.

Unexpressed emotions will never die, they are buried alive. Do we ever want to be a corpse while being alive? So never hide your emotions. Let’s be open in every stage so everyone who speaks to us will do the same. Convey how their words hurt or how their words helped us recover from sadness will help the other person to realise what kind of person they are. By opening up our feelings, we can show up our character as well as make others know about them too. So there’s no fake mask in us, we’ll be the original and pure. Our intelligence may be confused in a certain path but our emotional feeling will never lie nor get confused in any stage. When we say “A book should not be judged by its cover” same way a person should not be judged by his looks but by his expressed emotional feelings.



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