We Are The Creators Of Our Destiny😎

Ritika Upmanyu
Jun 21, 2019   •  33 views

We are the drivers who drive the vehicle of our own life. Daily we cross so many crossings, small or big. There is a countless number of tracks which we cross but not every crossing we cross leads us to our destine station. Destiny is a word which covers our entire life including our decisions, imperfections, success, and failures. People say things like that our destiny is already written by god and things will happen in that way only. Most of us believe in the existence of destiny and we don’t even try to change the way of their life and live a normal life. Destiny is the life which we create and owe. Don’t accept the things the way they are, if you think you have the potential to change them. Everyone has a different destiny. They think the meaning of fate and destiny are the same but they aren’t the same.

Fate is the life you lead if you never put yourself in the situations of risks and struggle. That’s the direction in which your life moves when you don’t put any effort on your part. Fate is negative and is defined as the expected result of your normal life. According to your fate, you live a normal and expected life according to your capabilities. You never dare to try new things and experiment something new in your life. Never taking risk is your inevitable fate. No one is going to show you the way to your success, you have to find it on your own by using your brain and potential.

Destiny is the life which we create from our potential and success. It is the greatest test of your potential. People say that that destiny is already decided but no, our destiny is something which we decide by putting our efforts and by taking risks. You have to be the one to take first step towards your potential, even if it’s a risk. Great risk comes with failures but it also gives us great rewards if given a shot with our full potential. Our destiny takes us close to our dreams and destinations if we have that passion and confidence.

‘‘Destiny is not the thing to be waited for, it’s the thing to be achieved.’’

Our life is meaningless if we don’t have the courage to take risks. Taking risks not only make us strong and competent but we also get so many experiences of life when we take the first step towards doing something worthy. Destiny is something in which you achieve small things but they mean a lot to you. Risk doesn’t mean risking your life and health, it means doing things by walking out of your comfort zone.

Why settle yourself with an ordinary life?

Living an ordinary life is like following your fate and not creating your destiny. If you want to create your destiny, you have to do things in a different and unique way. Your creativity and new experience will take to you to the path of success. If you want to rule and control your life, you have to make your destiny work according to you not to work according to your destiny. God give us brain to think differently and we can do so many miracles in our life. For destiny, we have to find the motive why we choose that destination, why we want that life. A reason to take risk in your life, a reason to achieve your passion and put your full potential and you’ll definitely able to create a successful and remarkable destiny for yourself.