God is the creator of this whole universe. Everything in this world includes nature, trees, flowers, mountains, waterfalls, animals and even us the human beings are the creations of god. God is able to see everything and act everywhere he chooses. God is a spirit person and is invisible to humans. He is not restricted to one place. He does not stay present with us every moment but he is still everywhere.

God is present everywhere in different forms. Every biological and natural process is possible just because of the presence of god. Everyone does bad things and good things and think like nobody has seen them. But the truth is god watches every action of us. If we are doing good or if we are doing bad to others, he watches us and reward us accordingly. God created us only and our whole life depends upon the karmas we do. We grow and live in his glorious presence every moment of our life.

We say things like god doesn’t listen to our prayers or didn’t respond to our actions and what’s the proof of his presence?

God is omnipresent but the difference is he can’t stay at one place. He cares about each and every individual, listen everyone’s prayers and wishes but act according to our karmas and actions. The biggest proof of presence of god is us. The life we live is all depends upon our actions.

We cannot find god in temples, statues and stones. It often happen with us that we get busy in finding and serving god in statues and temples by forgetting the fact he stay within us, in our heart. We can find god in peace, happiness and love. Without god, we live a hopeless life. It happen so many times whenever we get struck in some danger, the first thing we remember is god. We constantly start prayingand pleading to god to protect us from the situation. But sometimes it happens that thigs don’t go the way we want them to happen and we start hating god. But even our hate doesn’t affect god because whatever happens is the part of this life. The birth and death is alsothe part of this life. No person or circumstances can never remove us from the presence of god. Nothing can change god’s love for you.

God is only one. the way we created the differeent gods of diiferent religions is surely very much wrong. If you truly want find god, first make your soul pure, help others, spread love, respect the creations of god, stay away from violence, don’t threat others. Live a happy and peaceful life and do good karmas and you’ll see you his presence in you.