What Does It Take To Fall In Love Again?

Ritika Singh
Jun 24, 2019   •  46 views

A few days back while scrolling through my feed I came across a post which said: " If there's a smile on your face while reading this post you are in love". This is how we glorify love in social media nowadays. Not everyone has had perfect relationships. All of us have had relationships in the past which in a way taught us both good and bad lessons. That does not mean that we have to close all doors for love just because we fear being attached to the next person!This is the age for experimenting until we find the perfect match

In the Era of social media where people are even falling in love because of peer pressure and to be a part of the crowd, I believe in having my own definitions of love. Not the ones which we read in books or see in movies. Another day I was watching" No strings attached" which did not justify the title because the girl later falls in love even though she feared to be in love because she feared attachments. In the same way, one failed relationship doesn't mean that you'll close all gates for love! You've got to tame your heart to accept love from those you actually love you and not treat them in the same way how you were treated. They don't deserve it right?

Like every flower blooms back to the life you'll fall in love again, Trust me. You will love again, to heal those broken pieces of your heart. You will love again, no matter how many times your mind repeatedly says you won’t. You will try to love again even though you have been tormneted by many people and they've also made you feel worthless but you're wothy of much more. You will love again, no matter how hard it is. You have to because you deserve to live a life that allows your heart to beat with nothing but joy. You have to because you can’t be the person who thinks he or she is unlikable. You have to because life is more beautiful when you journey it with someone whose always there by your side. Maybe you'll meet the right person now or later but you will take the danger of loving again and guarding down your walls to fall in love again. Because there’s no harm in hoping that it’s going to be a good love story this time around.

You'll fall in love with everything happening around you and will find positivity in everything. You'll enjoy sunsets and every romantic song on the radio. So you've got to fall in love again to mend those mistakes that you've committed in the past and create a new story with someone. It takes weeks, months or even years to find the right one but if you've got the right one he/she is worth the risk.

You will love again and have that excitement of hearing your phone beep with notification because you know it comes from someone special to you. You will love again because life is brighter when you have someone to hold hands with during good days, and a shoulder to lean on during bad days.

You will love again with that broken heart of yours. You will love again because love has always been beautiful. You will love again because you are more than a broken person. You will love again because you are brave enough to let someone in. And to find love in the purest form stop running behind the old conventions of love and find your own definitions of love. Stop comparing because everyone has a different outlook for different things! It takes time be Patient :)



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