" Yeh Khel Nahi tyohaar hai " read the closing line of the advertisement when I first started watching Ipl in 7th std. That was the first time when I had started to understand cricket because India lifted the World Cup in the same year and my Mom sat with me explaining me patiently about how the match goes on and gradually I started liking cricket.

That's when I realized that every cricket match in India is like a festival. Its the most celebrated and marketable game in India. And talking about the supporters and fans, there aren’t many who could match the Indians. Be it enthusiasm or standing with the team in gloomy days, they are outstanding in their own right. Nothing unites us more than Cricket and our craziness know no limit. We do anything and everything that one can think of as a cricket fan to pronounce our love for our gods, in this case, the cricketers. People eat, breathe and sleep cricket.

Love cricket? You'll relate to the points written below,

1. Firstly, You always wanted to be cricketer when you grow up. Only a few say that I want to become An astronaut it's only about becoming the next Sachin!

2. By the time we grow up each one of us has several cricket kits, and many MRF bats with the letter's KD83 inspired by Chain Khuli ke main khuli magic bat. That's lame but that's how we were made to believe how magic exists in us and not the objects we own.

3. The aunties in the colonies were the ones to look for. They would applaud when you hit six's but would make you do situps if that same six would land in their gardens. Been there, done that! They were the best critics out there.

4. Crying when your favorite team wins the match is a must. I've seen people getting blocked while their partner's favorite team would lose a match. Trust me when we needed just 4 in the 48th over most of us were crying and half of us were on the verge of getting a mini heart attack but the next moment we hear that " Dhoni finishes off in style ". Whattay victory that was. All of us cried and those were the tears of happiness!

5. Not losing hope is one of the major factors. All of us wait for Yuvraj to hit his 6 six's like or Dhoni to hit his favorite helicopter shot to end matches and take out the stumps while walking out of the ground victorious with his pads on.

6. Since this is the season of Ipl ( 11th edition ) and if our team wins it does call for a party. With parties comes lots of status being posted and trolls against losing team . This shows how we lack sportsmanship and most of us are using social media to only spread hate.

7. Ind vs Pak match; Do not try to disturb a cricket fan during an India Pakistan match. They might hurt you during the tournament. Beware. Rest all things can wait.

8. Social media wars is a must and most of us have fought with 1000 people who have been blabbering nonsense about our favorite team or player.“How could you blame Virat? It was just not his day. If you hate him then please go drown yourself.”

We've killed our relatives to watch matches, followed silly superstitions of wearing the same t-shirt or sitting at the same place to watch the match or even bunked classes to sit back and enjoy the match with your friends. We have lived it all. Truly Indian's live this game and no one can deny the fact that people worship this game like crazy in the Indian Subcontinent.