The Older Sibling- The Boss Baby!

Ritika Singh
Apr 12, 2019   •  21 views

Being the oldest in the family can have its perks — but also itsdownfalls. It’s no fun having to forge the way for others, whether it’s begging your parents to let you have your first cell phone, negotiating a reasonable curfew, or convincing your parents that it’s okay to go across the country for college.

Growing up with siblings can be a real struggle sometimes. They seem to always show up at just the most inconvenient moments and never shut up, no matter how many times you tell them to stop talking and go away. But despite all the trouble that being the oldest child can cause, there were many pros that came along with the position growing up.

There are several perks of being the elder one and here are a few ( Cheers to all of us ! We're surviving with harmless creatures )

1. Let's be honest, when it came to documenting your childhood, your parents paid attention to you the most. All of us have an album where they've stored all the memories be it in our first school uniform or Our first picture in saree They have it all!

2. Though you were a guinea pig for your parents, it felt awesome when you did something new that paved the way.

3. It was understood that you always got to be "in charge," and the younger ones had to listen to you. It's the time to lock up your siblings and beat them cause there's no Mom and no daddy. Just kidding, You've got to be soft to them or else you're gone.

4.And you were always used as an example of what your siblings should live up to. Well, try to live up to. You got to be the ideal role model for the entire family sometimes.

5. You took advantage when you realized your siblings believed anything you told them... which usually ended up harmless. Usually.

6. You felt a sense of pride knowing life-altering secrets before your siblings did, like the truth about Santa or even tooth-fairy.

7. You also knew that you could pretty much make them do whatever you wanted them to. That includes getting a glass of water, Filling the bottles, Opening the garage gate, Keeping your dishes in the sink and also getting a lesser share in Maggi.

8. There's always been an understanding that YOU have first dibs on, like, everything.Including the food that's ordered and the new cellphone that you've just ordered.

9. You know that when you're giving advice, it is actually valued. Report card marks are not really tallied when you make it up to college because now according to everyone you're the smarter one.

10. And even though your siblings copied a lot of things you did growing up, it was also kind of flattering. It could be your habit of reading newspapers every day or keeping a record of every penny that's spent and You feel all the merrier when one of the parents add " Good you're doing it exactly like him". You feel like a born teacher

11. You were allowed to stay home alone before any of your siblings were allowed to.
12. You felt like a complete badass when you stood up for them. NO ONE was allowed to bully them. Except you. As I mentioned above no one except you can bully them and even call them by funny names. If they do it by mistake then End is near.

13. When your siblings grew up to be actually pretty cool, you could live happily knowing you helped influence them.

14. You could be embarrassing in front of your siblings' friends on purpose because you know they'd still think you're awesome. Been there and done that. It's all the more exciting if you're an outstation student. They find everything fascinating about you.

15. You didn't have hand-me-down clothes. You were the owner until you were bored or maybe didn't fit in it.

16. You've always been the most responsible one in your parents' eyes. Be in discussing serious matters or even a menial job like ordering food in the restaurant.

Which has turned you into a person with pretty strong leadership skills, tbh?
17. You know your brothers and sisters will come to you for advice when they're too afraid to go to your parents. That's mostly on report card days when they're getting screwed up and they are like " Can I have a word with My sister?". You somehow seem to be a motherly figure for them at that time precisely.

18. And ultimately, you know you'll ALWAYS be No. 1.
Nevertheless, we hate them or call them by several names like the adopted kid, Ugly or even dustbin they are the ones whom we love the most. They're the apple of everyone's eyes and they'll always be like your kid believe it or not!