Underrated artists to lighten up your playlists.

1. Lauv

Lauv is a 24-year-old multitalentedsinger, songwriter anda producer. He resembles an auteur in his assemblage of jazz-inspired guitars, airy beats, electronic tones and soulful vocalization.

You may recognize him from his song “ I like me better” from the movie calledto all the boys I’ve loved before. And “I’m so tired”, a collaboration with a fellow artist Troye Sivan.

Lauv has an upcoming album called as ~how I’m feeling~. The first single is called Drugs and the internet and followed by newly released song called Sad Forever and the proceeds from this latest track will be donated to mental health organizations working to remove its stigma.

Some of his other tracks
• Paris in rain
• The Other
• Enemies
• There’s No Way (feat. Julia Micheals)

2. The 1975

Showcasing lead singer Matty Healy , The 1975 are the perfect mix of hooky dance-rock and vintage adult contemporary sophistication. The definition of POP ASTHETIC

They have quite a buzz in the UK and now they are coming for the world. Their melody is aesthetic and breezy with guitars and drums and sometimes with a dash of mouthorgan while their lyrics always have a story to tell.

Some of their tracks
• It’s not living ( if it’s not with you )
• Love It If We Made It
• Somebody else
• Undo
• The Sound

3. Maisie Peters

A natural storyteller, she gained her fans from Youtube in the mids-2010. She has tuneful acoustic pop songs. If you are dealing with a break up she is the one for you. She defines all the problems and them leading up to the breaking point in her song called “Worst Of You”. She perfectly catches the teenage heart and heartbreak.

Some of her tracks
• Place Where We Were Made
• Birthday
• Favorite Ex

4. Jeremy Zucker

If enjoy Lauv , then you would enjoy him too. Jeremy Zucker also engages into electric pop and upbeat melodies and fusion of organic airy beats, lush soundtrack-style soundscapes, and biting tumblr-worthy lyricism, Zucker’s catalog is eclectic: equally care-free and effortless.

Some of his songs
• All the kids are depressed
• Come Thru
• Better off
• Talk is overrated
• You were good to me

5. The Lonely Island

This is a comedic trio. They truly have redefined what music is and what it can be. The lead Andy Samberg is known from the hit sitcom called The Brooklyn nine-nine and also Saturday Night LIVE and all of them have been the writers of the show too. The have collaborated with a ton of celebrity artists – Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga ,Rihanna, Akon and more. The also have one of the top viral videos on YouTube. Watch their music videos to get contexts of the songs.

Some of their songs
• I Just Had Sex
• I’m On A Boat
• 3- Way ( The Golden Rule)
• Motherlove



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